Console-ation Prize: The Grand Reveal

Without (much) further ado, here is the grand reveal of our console shelf. If you missed it’s construction, you can read all about it here. I’m not 100% on the styling, so it may will change in the near future.

We bought those lamps on clearance from Target about six months ago. They were originally $38, but we only paid $7 for them. We’re still not sure why they were on clearance either; our Target has the exact same lamps still for full price. Who are we to argue with $7 lamps though?

I’m not a big fan of the white shades on white bases though, so I bought some charcoal fabric to cover the lampshades with. I’ve just got it draped over the lampshade here, but I think I like the gray much better than the white. The green ribbon trim may or may not happen. I just happened to have it from a previous project and thought hey, why not?

Under the sides of the shelf is a bit gapey, but I think we could contrive something in the future to fill in the space (although our furry kids would be upset if we closed it off: it’s already become a favorite hiding place/chase tunnel/place to spring out of and scare me to death from).


We are thrilled with the way this turned out. I love having lamps on this side of our living room (which has north-eastern exposure and is pretty dim in the evenings) and a place to set glasses that’s out of the way of the WPWF (World Puppy Wrestling Federation). I even dug out a wicker basket from a closet somewhere and have put the remotes in there.

And at only $22 and less than two hours work to sand, paint, hang, and style it, what’s not to love?

Have you made any changes to your living room lately that you’re in love with? Anyone else wanting to jump on the console shelf bandwagon? Can you believe this is just one of four projects we tackled last weekend? And that we’re planing on that many more this weekend?!


12 thoughts on “Console-ation Prize: The Grand Reveal

  1. This turned out so well! It really is a clever idea! And hey, if you want to hide the gap, you can always get some storage ottomans (and you can use them for seating when you have tons of people over!).

  2. I love it! It looks so great and was such an easy and cheap solution! When we first moved in we had a long low bookcase along the back of our sectional and I loved it. It got moved for our first Christmas tree and never made it back to it’s original home. I miss it and can’t wait to move it back again now!

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