Console-ation Prize

For the last two months or so Kev and I have been living with our couch pulled about a foot out from our living room wall. And while our furry children are convinced we made this move so that they’d have a tunnel to chase each other through, our real motivation in moving the couch out was to decide if we had enough room to add a console table behind the sectional, much like YHL did here:

Similar to YHL, our sectional extends the full length of the wall, leaving no room for end tables- and we miss them. We really need lighting on this side of the room and would really like a puppy-safe place to set our drinks when we’re watching TV on  the couch.

After living with the couch pulled out for so long, we’ve completely gotten used to it. We haven’t gotten around to building a console table; the design, construction, and painting it would require was just too big of a project to take on while Kev was traveling so much.  Fast forward to Friday. I was browsing Pinterest at work (because I’ve put my 2-weeks notice in here and don’t have much to do) and I came across this pin. Eureka! We did’t need to build an entire console table! We just needed to build a console shelf!


Kev and I went out first thing Saturday morning to buy a 2x12x8. We took the girls along to help us pick out just the right board.

When we got the board home, we sanded it with a medium-fine grit sandpaper, making sure to smooth the ends and round the edges.

We primed it with Kilz Oil Based Primer. It’s a bit of a pain to work with since it’s oil based, but it is the best stain blocker we’ve used. And you don’t even have to say how much you’re jealous of my hott weekend project outfit. That’s right. I’m rocking the Soffe shorts.

Once the Kilz had dried completely, we painted the board with two coats of our living room trim paint (Creamy White in Behr Ultra Premium Semi-Gloss). I forgot to take pictures, but it looked something like the photo above (except I had managed to get Kilz all up my arms and in my hair by that time).

While the second  coat of paint was drying, we got down to placing our brackets. Based on the wall and couch sizes, we calculated that we needed a bracket every 19 inches (using four basic L-brackets).

Once the first bracket was placed, we used a board (from an upcoming project, stay tuned!) to level with the second bracket.

Once all four brackets were installed, we brought in the shelf and placed it on the brackets. We centered the shelf, then screwed it to the brackets.

We’ve got the shelf up, and the couch moved back and it looks great but… you’re just going to have to take my word for it for now. Check back tomorrow for the final, styled console shelf!

Now that I’ve put in my 2-weeks, I’m not sure what to do with myself. They’ve already divvied up my work, so I’m finding myself browsing Pinterest and editing photos most of the day.


12 thoughts on “Console-ation Prize

    • A friend at church offered me an opportunity that was much more in line with what I studied in college (plus paid overtime, more money, and better benefits). I’d been looking for a change, but had to wait until a two year contract with my current company expired. It’s still engineering, but I wont’ be on call 24/7.

      • That’s such great news! Congrats!

        PS – I love the idea of a console shelf. It’s genius! Can’t wait to see it all finished 🙂

  1. Great idea! So much cheaper than building the whole thing. I am trying to muster the energy to prime the new trim for our living room with the oil-based primer…we didn’t use it last time (tried something that was supposedly stain-blocking…nope) and the knots bled through. Ack. So even though it smells and probably causes cancer or something, oil-based definitely gets the job done the best.

    • We had tried a latex primer when we were refinishing some furniture, but the old orange stain bled right through. We learned our lesson then and always go with the oil-based now, even though it’s impossible to clean up afterwords.

  2. Ohhh I really like this idea! And congrats on the two weeks notice! I remember you saying a while back that you were thankful for your job, but that you weren’t really happy there. I hope you really like your new job!

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