All Hail Popcorn!

There’s some great things about living in Texas: no state income tax, warm weather, and BBQ. There are also a few drawbacks: poisonous snakes, drought, tornadoes, and hail. Especially hail on your new car.

I was in the kitchen last night working on the popcorn for our Father’s day gifts, when out of the blue it started hailing. And I don’t mean little pea sized stuff. We’re talking somewhere between a golf ball and baseball. Maybe tennis balls? Racquet balls? Large meatballs?

But back to the popcorn. We decided to make three flavors of popcorn and send them, along with a “man-movie” and (unmeltable) candy, to the dads in our lives. I found some great recipes on Pinterest, but ended up going with the Taco and Ranch popcorn flavors from the Yummy Life and the Neely’s BBQ Popcorn Recipe from Food Network.

For shipping, we packed the popcorn in zip top bags and then slipped them into paper bags that I decorated with some Sharpies.

Luckily I made enough toppings for Kevin and I to have some as well because they are muy delicioso.  The BBQ tastes just like BBQ chips and the taco seasoning is, well, homemade taco seasoning. I can’t wait to try it with some ground turkey for some awesome loaded nachos!

Any crazy weather where you guys are? I haven’t gotten the courage up to go look at the little garden yet. It can’t be good.


12 thoughts on “All Hail Popcorn!

  1. Yay Popcorn!! Clearly, I’m biased, but I love this idea and the paper bag you decorated. It’s super cute. Both of your dads are going to love them!

    PS – That hail is crazy – hopefully the garden is okay!

  2. Wow- that is some crazy hail!! Hoping your garden and your new car are alright!!

    The popcorn looks delicious and you packaged it in a really cute way. Sounds like a perfect gift!

    • Unfortunately, no. Dora’s all dinged up. But I guess that’s what insurance is for, right?

      It’s possible that we could get a new roof out of it tough! The inspectors are coming out tomorrow to take a look.

  3. Let me just say…. we devoured the popcorn!!!!!!! Very VERY Delicious!!! :):):):):):):):) Thanks for the Dads Day Gift mommacita! 🙂

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