Pops for Pop?

Father’s Day is right around the corner… and I’m still trying to decide on what we’re going to make and send to the dads in our life. I’ve got several ideas, but can’t decide on one I really like.

For Mother’s day we made homemade sugar scrubs. We made a lemon and olive oil scrub for in the kitchen, along with brown sugar and vanilla and  coffee scrubs for pampering in the shower. I made a little extra for me and let me tell you… they’re awesome. The lemon and olive oil scrub is great in the kitchen for getting smells off your hands (like garlic and onion) and the coffee scrub really wakes you up in the morning. I found some recipes on Pinterest for inspiration, but ended up making the final batches by the dump method: a little of this, a little of that, maybe a little more of this… and Viola! Scrubs! If anyone is interested in my recipes, though, I’m sure that I could put some recipes together. 🙂

For the dads in our life, the issue we’re running into is that anything we make must be able to be shipped 1000+ miles in the summer heat. We were initially thinking of doing a box of chocolate covered oddities (bacon, potato chips, popcorn and the like). We realized, thought, that shipping chocolate when it’s 90-100+ degree temps isn’t such a great idea. So we’re back to the drawing board.

I’m leaning towards still doing something edible, but more shippable than chocolate. I was thinking maybe a homemade Chex mix, mixed roasted or flavored nuts, or homemade flavored popcorn. Maybe all three.



Any ideas for shippable homemade goodies? What are you giving the dads in your life this year? Do you get to see them on Father’s Day?


3 thoughts on “Pops for Pop?

  1. The nuts idea is probably the easiest to ship (but a bummer becasue chocolate covered everything sounds awesome!). I can’t tell you what I got Forrest yet since he drops by here, but we picked up a few things from Charleston for my dad. And we very happily get to see my padre this year 🙂

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