June 8 Throughout History

This post could also be titled “Oh, Crud. I Forgot the Vacay Photos Again. Guess I’ll Post About My Birthday.”

June 8. It’s a big day. HUGE. Why? Because it’s my birthday. Also, some other cool stuff happened then, too.

June 8, 68: Emperor Galba takes power in Rome. He refuses to pay a bunch of people, levies a bunch of taxes, executes people without trials, and refuses to grant citizenship. Needless to day, voters don’t take too kindly to his policies and impeach  have him assassinated seven months later.

June 8, 793: Vikings raid the abbey at  Northumberland, beginning the Scandinavian invasion of England. Ikeas and smoked salmon began arriving shortly thereafter.

June 8, 1789: James Madion proposes twelve amendments to the US Constitution. Ten of them are later adopted and become the Bill of Rights. The two that were left of were: The right to have your birthday off work and the right to a be late for work if your reason was donuts. Maybe.

June 8, 1887: The first patent for a calculator is filed with the US Patent office. Nerds everywhere rejoice, myself included. I wouldn’t have made it through engineering school with out the games on my trusty TI-89.

June 8, 1949: George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four is published. Big Brothers everywhere get a bad rep. Personally, I really liked this book. There’s something about reading about societies even more messed up than ours. And it reminded me of V for Vendetta, which is an awesome movie.

June 8, 1987: Only two weeks late, my parents welcome me into the world. People everywhere cheer. Or at least the ones in the hospital waiting room. I don’t have any of my baby pics handy, so you’ll have to do with the next oldest one I could find: my little sister and me in our wagon.

June 8, 1992: Declared World Ocean Day. Nemo cheers. Flipper cheers. (Free) Willy cheers. I turn 5.

June 8, 2012: TBD, but you better believe it’s going to be legen-waitforit-dary.

Did any significant world events take place on your birthday?


6 thoughts on “June 8 Throughout History

  1. This is too funny (the Ikea and smoked salmon being my favorite)! Hope you have a great birthday! Drink one (or two… or three) from us!(Forrest also almost wants to give our daughter “wait for it” as a middle name… too much HIMYM?? lol).

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