Ready for Our Close-Up

Before we left for our weekend in Austin, Kevin and I took time to plant the flowers that my parents had brought down from Indiana. There were enough flowers to fill all the beds in the front. The transformation is incredible. Here’s where we were shortly after moving into the LH about a year ago.

And here’s where we are now with the bushes removed, flowers planted, and new pillows in the Adirondacks.

What? You want to see some close-ups? Your wish is my command! Here’s our Adirondacks with hostas and stella d’oro lilies planted around our live oak.

Have we shown you our live oak? It’s one of the things that sold us on the house. The previous owner proposed to his wife under this tree and it’s no wonder: it’s beautiful. You can see the hydrangea bushes and giant Empress Wu hostas we planted on the corner of the house and the knock-out roses under the living room window.

The planter under our kitchen window is looking gorgeous. We filled it with calladium, plumbago, lantana, and sweet potato vine. I love looking out the window while I’m cooking at the happy pops of color. There are several different varieties of day lily planted at the base of the planter. They had all lost their tags when Mom and Dad brought them to us, so we don’t know what color they’re going to be!

Finally, our little front porch is looking quite dapper (with the exception of our poorly blurred house numbers, sorry creepers).

I can’t wait until everything starts to fill out and really bloom. The best part is that almost all of the plants are perennials, so they’ll keep coming back year after year (provided I remember to water them).

Do you have flowers planted where you live? Do you prefer bushes or flowers?

PS. Kevin and I are off on our mini vacay for our anniversary (1 year on Monday, can you believe it?!). I’ll try to post when I can, but if I can’t I’ll be back next Wednesday to share what we made our Mommies for Mother’s day!

PPS. And no, I still have no idea where he’s taking me. It’s a beach. That’s all I know.


12 thoughts on “Ready for Our Close-Up

  1. Your yard looks so pretty! I am super jealous, hopefully next year after all of the ivy is dead and gone and grass is back in the back yard, we can start making our house look super pretty. And live oaks are gorgeous! Happy Anniversary to you guys! Have a super awesome trip!

  2. Looks great! If you’ve never dealt with sweet potato vine before, get ready! We live in Louisiana and it thrives here. This year I’m finding new plants in spots I know we didn’t plant our few little starter plants last year. It can take over quick (but comes back even after a serious pruning)!

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