Crafty Pants

Let’s face it, its been a long time since I got on my crafty pants: I can’t remember the last time I spray painted something, I haven’t had my sewing machine out in months, and there’s a layer of dust collecting on my craft supplies box. This, dear readers, is unacceptable. I’m craving some crafty time. I hear my glue gun calling my name and I’m longing to make a run to the local Hobby Lobby. The only difficult question is what to craft.

Never fear, Pinterest is here!

I love these painted antlers. They’re rustic-y, but still updated. My dad has about 100 of these back home in Indiana, so maybe I’ll ask him to send me a pair.


These spheres made out of embroidery hoops are gorgeous. Jess at Hill Country Homebody made them for only $6, too!!


The LH needs a new wreath. I may or may not still have my pink Valentine’s day wreath on the front door. I love the festive, shabby chic look of this wreath and the red, white, and blue would work all summer long.


Finally, Kevin and I have another little trip planned. Our first anniversary is June 4 and he’s taking me on a surprise mini-vacay. Like our surprise honeymoon, the only thing I know is that we’re going to a beach. This cover-up looks super simple and I could make it to match the new bikini I bought in Paris!


I can’t wait to get my crafty pants on!

Any of you feeling the crafty itch lately? Anyone else wish they looked like that in a bikini?


7 thoughts on “Crafty Pants

  1. Love those spheres and that wreath is pretty cute too! I do wish I looked like that in a bikini too….

    I have been crafting pretty much full time for the wedding lately so I don’t really have that itch yet- in fact I’d like to take the crafty pants off, wash them and hang them out to dry for awhile. lol. It’s all good though.

    I’m excited for you for another trip… and a lot jealous!

  2. I’m loving the spheres and that wreath!! I was finally able to get crafty and it felt sooo good, so I completely understand what you mean. And goodness yes I wish I looked like that in a bikini… currently it’s more like a whale who ate too many tacos! (or at least that’s how I feel lol!).

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