A Little Garden Update

It’s been a while since I shared any updates on the Little Garden, so this morning I ran out and snapped a few pictures with my iPhone before work to share with you (so please excuse the picture quality). We planted our Little Garden in our raised garden bed back at the end of March. We squeezed as many veggies as possible into its 64 square feet.

That last photo was taken in early April. Today, the Little Garden looks like this.

Most of the garden is growing like gangbusters. Our gutters, however, seem to be slowing down. I’m pretty sure that the heat is starting to get to the delicate greens (we’ve seen several 90-degree days). We’re hoping to get one more good cutting of spinach and mescalin before we change out the plantings. Our beets and carrots are also a little stunted. A few of them are growing well, but overall, they’re a bit of a disappointment.

Our squash is huge and gorgeous and starting to flower. The zucchini next door seem to be off to a little slower start, but the garden is due for its weekly fertilization tomorrow and we think they’ll pull out  of this funk.

Our sugar snap peas have rallied from their slow start. They’re putting out beautiful white flowers everywhere.  Even though they were supposed to be a low bushing variety, these peas seemed to want to vine. Lucky for us our neighbor had offered us a few mini trellises she was planning on throwing away. A couple minutes with the rubber mallet and our peas had a new playground.

Our peppers are growing like crazy and we have two big peppers growing. We got some fresh peaches in our Greenling box this week; I was thinking of making some peach salsa with our lone little jalapeno (anyone have a good recipe?).

Our slowest starters, our tomatoes, are definitely our best growers now. They came out of their funk with a vengeance and now stand at over three feet tall each. They’re covered in little yellow flowers, so it’s just a matter of time before we start seeing baby ‘maters.

How are your gardens growing?? I can’t wait to for fresh tomatoes!


16 thoughts on “A Little Garden Update

  1. Your garden looks fantastic! I’m so jealous of all the fresh veggies you’ll have so soon! Hopefully next year we can get on the garden band wagon! Have a great weekend!

  2. Your garden is looking great! I especially love how you are using gutters on the fence for extra gardening room. You are awesome!

    One of the first things I want to do when we move into the new house is start a garden. I have never had one before, so it will be my first!

    Everything is looking good! Happy growing!

  3. Your garden looks great! Mine is doing okay, but I’m jealous of your tomatoes! Mine are pipsqueaks compared to yours. I grew them from seed (second year trying) and I’m even considering pulling some out and buying some plants. I’m curious what will you be planting in place of your spinach and mescalin?

    • We haven’t decided what to put back in. There aren’t a lot of options that will both tolerate the heat and such a small growing space. We may even put some annual flowers in for the summer and then go back to greens in the fall. Any ideas??

      As for our tomatoes, they LOVE this warm Texas springtime. We also Miracle Grow the heck out of them. We considered going organic, but decided that fertilizer was the way to go!

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