Thursday Dilemma: Spice Girl

Inspired by Annabel’s post on her spice cabinet earlier this week (and by a jar of thyme falling out of the cabinet and landing on my poor little toe), I decided to get our spices in order.

About a year ago, Kevin and I found these little gift tins on clearance in the wedding aisle at Michael’s. I think we paid something like $5 for them. They’re a little on the small side, but since we prefer to buy our spices from the bulk section of our fancy pants grocery store in small doses anyway, we decided that they’d do the trick. The Velcro was hanging out in my craft box, so we didn’t have to spend any money there.

The process is pretty seamless: snip Velcro, peel backing, apply to tin. Viola!

We put a long strip of Velcro on the cabinet door so that we can stick the tins wherever on the door we want.

Everything looked pretty stable; we had done the “slam test,” slamming the cabinet door shut to see if the lids budged. They didn’t, so we thought we were in the clear. But as we were rearranging (alphabetically- for my OCD self), we discovered that if you don’t firmly grasp the bottom of the tin and instead grab the lid, you will end up with allspice berries everywhere (and I mean everywhere). We have enough tins for several more rows, but are hesitant to go on until we figure out how to keep the lids from popping off every time we reach for a new tin.

We love the way the tins look and that they clear up the clutter in our spice cabinet. We’d really like to keep using them, but can’t think of a way to keep them closed that’s not prohibitively a pain in the rear (like taping them closed).

Any ideas on how to keep the tins closed more effectively? The only come open if you’re not careful how you grab them off the Velcro.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Dilemma: Spice Girl

  1. Thanks for the shout out ! Smitten kitchen used to use that type of pot labelled on the side and stacked up, if you can’t figure out a way around the lid problem. Or I wonder if there is a way of fixing a loop of elastic under the velcro that holds the lid on until you want to remove them?

  2. Maybe you could slip a rubber band around it before applying the velcro to the bottom of the tin? Making it “semi permanent?” It might look a little ghetto compared to the look you’re going for… or you could embrace the fun colors? Honestly though, after your mishap, I bet you’ll just remember to grab the jar securely. Just don’t ask your friend (who might not be “in the know”) for help in the kitchen.
    Another idea would be stashing them all in a cute basket–you’ve already saved space by downsizing the multiple jars–just make sure the aggregate “area” of the basket is less than the jars in the first place, or you’re back where you started!

  3. Elastic bands sound like a decent suggestion. We have similar ones but they are made for spices and have magnets on the back and when you turn the lid they have the shaker openings. They fit really snug though so we seem to have the opposite problem- they can be really hard to open sometimes! I love the look though and way to be creative with the tins and velcro!

  4. Ah – how annoying! I’m not sure if a fix for that – do the lids go all the way down or stop half way or just the top quarter? It might be something you just have to get used to. 😦

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