The Texas Bushes

This weekend Kevin and I did our part to rid the state of the last two Bushes standing… no, not the presidential kind. The front-yard-behemoth kind. When we first bought the Little House, it was an overgrown hot mess.

Earlier this spring we put the bushes on Craigslist. If someone was willing to come dig them up, they could have every bush on the property. For free. We thought it was a long shot, but turns out, free bushes are in hot demand. We were able to get rid of nearly all our bushes this way.

Since then, we’ve put off going any further in the front yard. When my parents called last week to let us know they were coming to visit and bringing us plants from their greenhouse though, we finally got our rears in gear. We dug up the last two bushes and raked two years worth of live oak leaves out of the flower beds.

We’re still a little scraggly (I snapped this pic on the way out the door to work this morning, so ignore the paper in the yard), but we have plans to powerwash the house and sidewalk, over seed the yard, and maybe trim/cut down the tree by the porch. It’s pretty, but it blocks the view of the house and  makes our dining room (the middle two windows) even darker. We’re still up in the air on it.

We did find this guy while we were pulling ivy out of the planter under the kitchen window. He was HUGE! His shell was as big as a fifty cent piece and he was as long as my thumb. Isn’t he cool?

How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting? Kevin and I went to a concert (Jerrod Neimann/Chris Young/Miranda Lambert… we’re country people) on Saturday night that was awesome!!

Happy Monday!


9 thoughts on “The Texas Bushes

  1. I still can’t believe that putting the bushes on Craigslist works, haha. And I hate snails, sorry… we have a ton of them on our patio (the other day I found one on a sock while folding the laundry and I couldn’t stop trembling, haha. I think I’d rather find a spider than a snail!) and I wish we could get rid of them!

      • I would freak out over a spider, too (aka. I freak out whenever I see them). On the other hand, snails don’t bother me. We have them all over the steps to our front door and some in the backyard (I call them our snail friends). We somehow ever got one on the top half of our bedroom window!

  2. We did yard work this weekend too. Our ongoing battle with ridding our yard of dandelions continues… I also spent some time weeding the gardens and cleaning out all the leaves. It looks a million times better but we still have a ways to go! I was in our window well cleaning out the leaves and was very surprised by a rather large toad. I may have screamed because he jumped at me and I totally didn’t see him.

  3. I love your house. It’s very cute. I just bought a 4 bedroom cape cod style home, it is a pretty small home, but it will be more than enough room for my boyfriend and I. We are just waiting on our closing date! It is so exciting.

    Do you plan on laying new brick for the plant bed? Or maybe even staggering stone? I think it would look really good!


  4. I want to help pressure wash! Hehe. Looks great! Did you guys get poison ivy? Poor Forrest uprooted/killed a whole bunch and got it all over his arms (and he’s super duper alergic). We had a little box tutrle in our yard last night that scared Duds half to death, poor pup-o!

    • Luckily it was just regular ivy, but it was damaging the mortar in between our bricks. It had to go.

      We used to find turtles all the time when we were little. We’d “rescue” them and throw them in the creek. I think we probably drowned a bunch of poor, innocent turtles that way (we thought we were saving them, though).

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