Europe 2012: Loire Valley, part ii

As I mentioned earlier today, the third destination on our trip was the Loire Valley in central France. We spent three relaxing days touring grand chateaus, driving through the French countryside, and visiting some amazing wineries.

13. Monmosseau Limestone Quarries turned Sparkling Wine Caves… Yes, those are bottles of wine (fifteen rows high and ten deep).

14. Riddling Racks full of sparkling wine

15. Feeling a little bubbly? Monmosseau sparkling wine (best I’ve ever had and only 6 euro)

16. Château de Chambord: The king’s little hunting lodge

17. Chartres Cathedral

18. The Famous Chartres Blue Stained Glass

19. Small Shrine in Chartres Cathedral

20. For my fellow HP nerds: Dobby on Chartres!

21. We took a wrong turn and ended up in this magnificent field of mustard.

So that’s our trip through the Loire Valley. Tomorrow I’ll share our pictures from Paris!

You can see the rest of our trip’s photos from London, Brussels, and the Loire Valley here, here and here.


3 thoughts on “Europe 2012: Loire Valley, part ii

  1. Gorgeous photos so far!!! I’m so very jealous right now. Love that shot of the mustard field. Very pretty! Can’t wait to see Paris images!

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