Europe 2012: Loire Valley, part i

The third stop on Kevin and my grand European vacation was the Loire Valley in France. Home to wineries and the chateaus of France’s bygone kings, the valley is absolutely beautiful. We stayed at an amazing bed and breakfast, Moulin du Mesnil (if you’re going to Loire, you MUST stay there; it’s beautiful and Yvonne and David are wonderful),  and rented a small car (an evil Renault Kangaroo) that allowed us to zip around from chateau to chateau while taking in the amazing French countryside.  We couldn’t narrow these pictures down nearly as well as London and Brussel’s, so we’ll be sharing these in two parts. Check back after lunch today for part ii  of our journey through the Loire valley.

1. Amboise Chapel, the final resting place of Leonardo da Vinci

2. Château d’Amboise

3. Charming street in the town of Amboise

4. Tulips and Poppies along the Loire River in Amboise

5. Château de Chenonceau

6. Fountain in the gardens of theChâteau de Chenonceau

7. This one’s for Mom: an apple tree trained to grow flat along a wire

8. 10 points if you see what’s wrong with this picture at the Château Royal de Blois

9. Château Royal de Blois spiral staircase

10. My favorite chateau, the Château de Cheverny, is still inhabited by it’s original founding family

11. We stink at taking pictures of us (that the Château de Cheverny in the background)

12. A Peony in the gardens of the Château de Cheverny

Check back after lunch for part ii of our trip through the Loire valley!


9 thoughts on “Europe 2012: Loire Valley, part i

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  2. Beautiful!!!! Makes me want to write a historical novel…..all the castles…….very romantic. The technique for getting the appletree to do that is called espalier and you can do that with any fruit tree or tree of any kind. So how many cases of sparkling wine did you smuggle….uh….bring back for me????:-)

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