Texas, Sweet Texas

Well, we’re back in the good ol’ US of A. I can’t say that I was really ready to be back yet– I could have easily spent another week or two shopping, sightseeing, eating, drinking, and in-general taking in the culture in Europe. Alas, it was not to be, and here I am, sitting in my cube, sipping my second cup of not-even-comparable-to-French-cafe-au-lait-coffee, staring off into the space somewhere behind my monitor.

We had a nightmarish travel day yesterday– ground stops, delayed and missed connections, lost luggage, and the beverage cart ran out of free wine on the transatlantic flight (for my MN girls: I finally visited your great state for the first time… even if I did just sit on the tarmac for three hours after being diverted from Chicago). That being said, my camera and SD cards are sitting in my suitcase locked away somewhere– which means I can’t share any of the photos of our trip with you. And since I can’t share the photos, I thought I’d share the plans we have for them.

Our dining room has long been suffering from neglect. Other than our DIYed chandelier and changing-table-turned-bar, we’ve not done much by way of decorating the room. Our plans are to make this room a showcase of our travel. We’d like to fill the walls with photos of our trips both together and apart. We considered a photo wall, but since we’re planning on doing that in our hall, we wanted to go another way.

We both love the idea of DIYing a photo ledge. It would allow us to add and rearrange photos as we travel and even to display trinkets we pickup along the way. Below are a few pins of photo ledges that we’re going to take our design from.




I especially love the ones in the third picture from Robin at Happy at Home. Maybe it’s just how she has it styled, but I absolutely love it! I can’t wait until we can get started on these! It’s been too long since we got our DIY pants on!

How do you share your travel photos? How do you cope with the first day of work back after a vacation?


15 thoughts on “Texas, Sweet Texas

  1. Love the photo ledge idea! & I’m sorry you had a horrible traveling day yesterday, but hopefully the rest of your trip was fantastic!

  2. Having a bad travel day is the WORST. I’ve actually gotten into the habit of only bringing carry-ons while we travel (although for our honeymoon, we had one regular suitcase and a carry-on) because I’m so nervous about baggage disappearing! Hopefully you get your stuff soon 🙂

    I’m such a fan of floating shelves. Can’t wait to see what you decide to go with! Also, I love that lighting in photo 1 – so fun!

  3. LOVE photo ledges. I actually bought one on an IKEA trip months ago but have yet to get it up and organized with photos… after the weddding I tell myself.

    Happy to hear you enjoyed your trip but bummer about your horrible travel day. Hopefully they find your luggage soon! And good luck on your first day back- those are always the worst!

  4. Soooo glad u r home safe and sound!!! Can’t wait to see all the pics…..is ur luggage lost for good or just on different flight?? Wish we could have experienced all u saw with u and I can’t wait to hear all about ur trip!!! Also can’t wait for big cedar!!!!!!

    • It just came in on a flight after us, but there was no way we were sticking around to wait. I’ve already gone and picked it up, though, so everything’s good. I wished for you all so many times! We have some great pictures, I can’t wait for you to see them!

      Only 8 weeks til Big Cedar!

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