1000 Words… or less

Today I just have a single photo for you… a day-in-the-life if you will. This is what Kevin and I deal with on a daily basis when cooking dinner.

They take up the entire kitchen. They will not be moved… unless a tasty morsel happens to fall their way (if you look closely, you will see just such a morsel in Rosie’s mouth: pie dough from our quiche Monday night).

What obstacles do you have to overcome in order to make dinner each night? Don’t we have the cutest girls in the world?


15 thoughts on “1000 Words… or less

      • I have the same fears.. I don’t have anything like your goliath pups, but our two cats are pretty gargantuan themselves. They’re about 15 pounds each and love watching us cook. Of course, pasta is often on the menu, and since our sink is across the kitchen from the stove, I always toss a treat in the other room before I drain.

  1. This is adorable! My current challange is just tolerating the smell of our kitchen, but normally it’s stepping over a pup who thinks every spec of food we are preparing is his (hence he commences his howling routine!)

  2. I have this same problem at our house. Our 75 pound black lab likes to lay right in the middle of our U-shaped kitchen so you trip on her going to the sink, stove or fridge. It’s very helpful! lol

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