Onesies and Twosies

Just in case you weren’t aware, I have the two most beautiful nieces on Earth. Period.

Emma and Isabella

And because they’re the most beautiful girls in the world and I’m itching to get my crafty pants on, I want to make them some cute little outfits. I made two onesies for Emma when we went up to meet her in March (I was a bad blogger and didn’t take pictures of the whole process, but that can be excused by the fact that I had fabric dye running down my arms and didn’t want to get it on our newly repaired camera… I did manage to have the hubs take one with his phone).

The first was a deep aubergine ombre onesie, inspired by this image on Pinterest. It turned out absolutely gorgeous (I’m obsessed with all things ombre anyway).


The other one I tie-dyed navy in a fun spiral pattern. We used to tie-dye all the time growing up and I couldn’t wait to get Emma in on the fun.

My next project for both of them (cover your ears, Steph and Megan) is to make some of these adorable high waisted dresses. I’ve already got the fabric and ribbon for the skirts, I just need to get some onesies to make them with.


And both of the are definitely going to be getting a onesie/t-shirt that has Texas appliqued on it to remind them of where their favorite Aunt and Uncle live!

I also really want to make this dress for Izzy. I love the grown up feeling it has! Maybe I’ll scale it up and make one for me, too!


I’ve not made anything so complicated before, but it might be a great time to start learning!

I can’t wait until I finish spring cleaning and can get my crafty pants on. Anyone else in the same boat? Aren’t nieces (and nephews) fun? Kev and I are so blessed to be able to love on these gorgeous girls (especially since we’re not ready for our own kids yet)!


7 thoughts on “Onesies and Twosies

  1. I love being an aunt so much! Shayne and I just got our newest niece last Sunday- she’s so new and adorable. That makes our total 5 nieces and nephews now and I suspect we have another on the way! It’s so much fun to be able to spoil them!

    Love the onesie ideas- especially that high waisted dress- beautiful!

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