Growing, Growing, Gone!

We have baby veggies! Everything is growing, growing, growing on these warm, sunny, Texas spring days. Everything has sprouted and with the exception of our tomatoes, is looking great. Unfortunately for those guys, they’re looking a little yellow. We’re planning of fertilizing them tonight in hopes that there’s not anything more sinister behind their poor, yellowing little tomato leaves than a lack of nutrients.

In case you missed our last garden post, we built and planted a raised garden bed in our back yard (you can read about it here). We were very ambitious in our planting; if everything ends up ready for harvest at once we’ll probably have to set a veggie stand up in our front yard.

Don’t you just love the neat little rows? The chicken wire is doing its job with the puppies; they haven’t made any attempts to get into the garden to dig.

As you can see, our gutter gardens have been as equally successful as our raised bed. We’ve even had our first meal out of them! Our mescalin mix is growing like crazy; so much so, in fact, that we were forced to cut the bigger leaves back in order to allow the smaller ones below to grow. We had a delicious Greek salad with this!


Have you had the first fruits from your garden yet? Do you have any baby veggies poking their little heads out of the dirt?


14 thoughts on “Growing, Growing, Gone!

  1. Whoa! It must feel great to get to eat things you grew yourself.

    No veggies at my house, but we did plant some flowers in pots that so far are doing a big bunch of nothing. I would have thought after 3 weeks we’d see some sprouts. I guess I was wrong. I’m hoping soon.

  2. If you cut a leaf from one of your tomato plants and put it into a zip lock bag, you can take it to your local nursery. They usually can look at a leave and know what the problem is. Good luck…your garden looks like it is doing well.

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