There Went Peter Cottontail

Happy (late) Easter! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Kevin and I definitely did. We went to church, colored Easter eggs, and had some of our closest friends over for Easter dinner (and our annual Easter Piggy). Easter was the first holiday we celebrated together in the LH last year, so it’s one of our favorites!


The Easter Piggy was gorgeous and delicious all wrapped up in his apricot bourbon glaze.

Our table setting (and guests) were equally as gorgeous. I opted to keep the table simple with a milk glass vase and a bunch of alstroemeria lilies. The most amazing part, though, is how cool, calm and collected Danni and Jon are… just six days before their wedding.

You can’t have Easter without coloring eggs, I don’t care how old you are. This year, we colored three dozen.

I’m a fan of traditional colors, but Kevin likes to mix things up… literally. There were no more yellow eggs after he put his blue egg in the yellow dye.

I may or may not have had that green one for breakfast this morning. It may or may not have been yummy.

What did you do for Easter? Did you get to spend time with family? Do you still insist on coloring eggs as an adult (or am I the only one)?


7 thoughts on “There Went Peter Cottontail

  1. That easter pig looks delicious!! Do you plan on sharing the recipe?
    And I’ve only ever colored eggs once, when I was a middle school student in California… then we had an egg hunt! I had a great time.

  2. Our Easter was bittersweet this year, but we did manage to make it to my parents farm and have a nice cookout Saturday night! Maybe we can dye eggs next year!

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