Step into Our Office… Again

If there’s one thing I know 100% sure about myself, it’s that I’m a planner. I like to know exactly what’s going to happen. I like working out the details, making lists Excel spreadsheets with them, and then adhering to them rigidly. It’s one of the few truly nerdy, OCD engineer tendencies I have. And since we’re saving more than doing of late, I’ve been on planning overload. I’ve got plans for every part of the LH right now, but voted most likely to succeed is our office flooring.

Our little office (which we’re pretty sure used to be a back porch that was enclosed) is the only part of the LH that is carpeted (the rest has gorgeous original oak hardwood). I’ve never been a big fan of carpet anyway, but with two dogs, a cat, and a husband that all use this door and their main entry/exit point of the LH, the carpet is ugly. Dirty. Dingy. Stained. We’ve rented a carpet cleaner and tried to salvage it, but to no avail. It’s time for the carpet to go.

We’re considering going with cork (a la YHL), but aren’t sure if we’ll like the wood tones next to our existing hardwood. We don’t want to look like we’re trying to be matchy-matchy, but would really love the warmpth that cork would bring to the room.

We found this cork sample at our local Home Depot (while just browsing for ideas). We haven’t held it up next to our existing floors yet to see if they clash, but we really like it. It’s an engineered hardwood and $3.98 a square foot.

Our other option is ceramic/porcelain/natural stone tile. We could do tile cheaply (as low as about $0.75 a square foot), but it wouldn’t be as warm visually or underfoot as the cork floor. We haven’t found any of these that we really like, but we haven’t done much looking.

We really want to get this accomplished in the next month or so. The room is fairly small (~100 sq feet), so hopefully it won’t take too long.

Are you a planner? What are your plans for the weekend?


10 thoughts on “Step into Our Office… Again

  1. Love the idea of cork. My parents used to have it in their kitchen and it was so nice for warmth and softer on foot than tile would be. It also really held the scratches from our dogs well.

    I’m definitely a planner. I have a million lists all the time. It gives me the illusion of being organized. lol This weekend we have 2 birthday parties- one for one of our groomsmen and one for our niece- she turns 1! Hopefully we can fit some wedding progress in there too.

  2. I try very hard to plan, and my plans always get derailed. I also love to start projects and then start another before I’ve finished the 1st.

    We have dark (very dark) engineered hardwood all over the 1st floor of my house. One tip is that it’s quite hard to keep clean. You’d think dark floors would hide most dirt, but it’s quite the opposite. They also show a ton of streaks. So, my suggestion would be to not go too dark in the area with the most traffic.

    Can’t wait to see!

    I’ll be seeing the Hunger Games. I am pumped!

  3. We have tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen, and I’m not a big fan – they’re too hard and cold on your feet. I believe they now sell some sort of hardwood for wet areas (although I think it’s a bit expensive) so if I were to redo them I’d use hardwood just so everything flows. Then again, anything that’s sort of the same color will flow well, too.
    And I’m definitely a planner! My boyfriend has an important handball match tomorrow which I’ll go see, and we’ll also be working on some home projects and wedding stuff. Busy weekend ahead!

  4. I haven’t seen the cork flooring in person yet so I’m not sure where I stand on it. It looks nice in the YHL kitchen, though, but if I were you, I would ask around and see how it would handle having two dogs walking and playing on it. I like tile (I love sweeping) and wood floors (they always look nice) so I don’t think I’m much help. I’m sure it’ll look lovely regardless.

    I’m a planner, too. I like to know what the plan is (or at least have some sort of idea) before jumping in. This weekend I’ll be seeing the Hunger Games, going to a Bridal shower, and then a baby shower. Very busy!

  5. Love the cork!!! Consider doing a two-toned floor. It would then take on a personality of its own but flow with old and wouldn’t appear as if u were trying to match!!!! Ur mom thinks u r both so cool!!! I have a “hot” date with some guy named
    Brian tonite (aka….Dad, to Jess and Kevin!!!), and I’m cleaning tomorrow after church!!!

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