Meatless Monday

Last Monday, I tweeted (why does that still sound ridiculous?) that I was making my Better-Than-Sex Mushroom Risotto with  the baby portabella mushrooms from our first Greenling local box for Meatless Monday. Since then, I’ve gotten several questions and comments about how our Meatless Monday works.

Crimini Mushroom Risotto - A Meatless Monday Meal

Meatless Monday, a movement started by Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health, is a challenge to eliminate meat from your diet one day a week. According the their research, reducing your meat consumption by 15% (all three meals one day a week) “may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.” In addition, it helps the environment by reducing the greenhouse gasses associated with meat production, processing, transportation, and sale and helps to reduce the use of natural resources like water and fossil fuels.

While Kevin and I haven’t made the full jump to all three meals on Monday yet, but hope to do so soon. Our breakfasts are typically meatless anyway (we both usually make oatmeal at work), so eliminating meat from our lunches shouldn’t be too difficult. Right now though, we’re focusing on eliminating meat from our Monday  night dinners.

Roasted Winter Vegetable Soup- Another Meatless Monday Meal

For us, Meatless Monday is not Vegetarian Monday (and especially not Vegan Monday). We still eat cheese, eggs and even use beef and chicken broth in our meatless recipes. How do we dare call ourselves “meatless”  then? Simple. There’s no beef on our plates. No chicken or pork or venison (which we eat on a regular basis). We were raised in the meat-and-potatoes Midwest, so to us if there’s no hunk of delicious, juicy meat on the table, it’s meatless. This might tempt you to call us cheaters or say that we’re only making a half-attempt.  We don’t feel that way, though. We’re proud to have participated in Meatless Monday faithfully our way for the last three weeks in a row… and we will be again tonight. Our Greenling local box came with some gorgeous portabella mushroom caps that we intend to have for dinner (I still have to find/make up a recipe).

Potato Leek Soup- another Meatless Monday Meal

If you have more questions about the official Meatless Monday movelment, the logo above is linked to the Johns Hopkins’ site. I’ll be happy to answer any questions about how Kevin and I are participating (all I ask is to keep the comments positive 🙂  ) and to share any and all of our Meatless Monday recipes (and now that we’re getting our weekly Greenling local box it’s going to be even easier to transition).

What do you think about Meatless Monday? Would you ever give it a try?

PS- After looking for some of our meatless recipes, I’ve realized that our Recipe section (and House Tour and Wedding pages, for that matter) is woefully out of date, something I hope to rectify soon!


19 thoughts on “Meatless Monday

    • We do too – a combination of cost savings (decent quality, well reared meat is expensive, but the only kind I want to eat), and also the fact that veggies keep longer. Quite often our schedule changes at the last minute, and I would hate to have meat going bad whilst we’re out doing something else.

      It’s a great thing to encourage though, hopefully a few more people will give it a try!

  1. I think Meatless Monday is a great idea! I’d actually seen somewhere that eliminating just 1 meatless meal a week can make a difference, so 3 is extraordinary.

    My Kevin has actually been attempting to cut waaaaay back on his meat consumption. He was eating it with every meal of the day. I, on the other hand, have done nothing but maybe I should consider Meatless Monday.

    Keep up the awesome work and that potato leek soup looks delish!

  2. I read menus and meal planners citing “Meatless Monday” recipes all the time & never knew the history behind it. I just informed my live-in welder farm raised boyfriend yesterday that I wanted to cut back the meat in our (HIS) diets and he made an I-will-never-get-full-like-that sorta face. I am determined to prove him wrong. Thanks for arming me with even more information 🙂

    • Glad I could help!

      Kev was a little skeptical at first, too. One tip… wean him with mushrooms. They taste meaty and have a bit of “chew.” Kevin didn’t realize I hadn’t put meat in that risotto the first time I made it!

  3. I am so glad to say that my hubster and I eat several meals a week without meat in them–zucchini, eggplant and squash are so much cheaper (free in the summer when my MIL’s garden goes bananas). I’m so lucky that the hubbins (the son of a meat-retail store owner) is so open minded about going meatless occasionally! Definitely NOT your run of the mill Midwestern boy!

  4. I think it’s a great idea! And I’m probably a cheater semi-vegetarian because I still cook with chicken stock, so don’t feel bad. Unfortunately, due to some other circumstances, we’ve had to slightly increase our meat consumption, but we still don’t each much too much. So instead of being meatless everyday now it’s meatless 4 days or so instead. And I totally agree with you on the weening with mushrooms, they are a very easy intro to non-meat eating!

  5. I think meatless Monday is a great idea! Besides all the great benefits you listed above, it helps you get more creative with your meals AND it helps keep the food budget a bit lower. We typically have a couple meatless meals each week, but I’ve never really planned it to be all in one day! Maybe I will!

  6. Almost every day is meatless for me (the only meat I eat is seafood) so I love the idea of Meatless Monday and it’s definitely something that gets easier as you go. When I first switched my diet, I thought I had to eat everything tofu (wrong!) but now my diet includes so many new things like falafel, quinoa, and udon.

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