Meet Rosie

I’m sure I’ve expressed on several occasions that the Little House is… little. I’ve probably also mentioned that our 85-lb.-10-month-old Lab/Great Pyrenees/something puppy, Indy, is large (in personality as well as size) and that Little House + Indy don’t always seem to fit.

Take, for example, the Garden Hose Demolition of 2012 in which Indy systematically destroyed all of our hoses and soaker hoses (for watering our foundation… Texas is weird). Indy 1, Little House 0

Or you could consider our deck, which has had it’s corners rounded, railing gnawed, and several of the shorter boards ripped up entirely. Indy 2, Little House 0

You can also almost see China from the 2 ft deep holes Indy has dug in the back yard. Indy 3, Little House 0

I think you get the point… Indy has reached that destructive stage. Not chewing so much… just being destructive. We’re pretty sure she’s bored so…we (tentatively) adopted a new dog. Yes, you read that right. Yes, we’re crazy. Nut-so. Off our rockers. Who in their right mind would adopt a second dog in a house barely big enough for one? That’s right. These guys.

Her name is Rosie (named for our Alma-Mater, Rose-Hulman). She’s a blood hound mix and is about two years old. Like her big brother Fievel and little sister Indy, she’s a rescue. We adopted her from a group here in Dallas called Rescue Me. They don’t have a kennel, but foster their dogs in homes instead and show them at area festivals and pet stores. We met Rosie at the North Texas Irish Festival on Friday. Rescue Me requires a one week trial stay for their adoptions before they’re final. Things are a little rocky right now at the Little House, but they’re getting better as everyone gets to know each other.

PS. Rosie is on the left and Indy is on the right. They look like sisters!


17 thoughts on “Meet Rosie

  1. OMG Rosie is adorable! I am so glad you adopted (I’m super anti-pet stores & irresponsible breeders). She and Indy look like they’re enjoying each other’s company which is wonderful 🙂 Congrats!

  2. Hahaha I think adopting a second dog because the first one might be bored is a great idea!! She’s really cute. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun!

  3. Rosie is such a cutie! Hopefully her and Indy (and Fievel too) will be great friends.

    I know with my dog, he did most of his “calming down” (he’s still a bit of a wild man, just less destructive) after he turned 2. Hopefully Rosie will be a good influence.

    • That’s what we’re hoping! We’re not expecting Indy to chill out completely (she is only 10 months old, after all) but we’re hoping that she won’t tear as much of the Little House to shreds if she has a playmate.

      Maybe the girls can participate in Doggy Friday sometime 😉

  4. I love hound mixes (if you couldn’t tell lol!). Thankfully Duds never hit the destructive stage, but we also got him when he was around 3 years old, so that probably played a large part (that and he was terrified of anything that moved). That’s great that you used a rescue to adopt that cutie! Hopefully everyone starts getting along sooner rather than later. Congrats!!

    • Duds is the cutest! Rosie is really skittish, too! Her foster mom said she was even worse when she first got her, but that she’s been coming around for months. We’re hoping some serious lovin’ will do the trick.

      • It worked for him…as he lays on top of me while I check my blogs. Poor thing got Lyme disease though 😦 he was even more pathetic than usual! Thankfully some high powered antibiotics will have him back to normal soon! Good luck with all the lovin :)!!

  5. They look like the best of friends already! Congrats on the new family member, and good luck with the adjustments. So glad you adopted, that’s the best way to go. 🙂

  6. Hi – Congrats on the new addition. May I ask how big your backyard is? We are considering a second dog but think our yard might be too small. Thanks and Great job – it’s a true blessing when an animals life is saved!

    • Sam, I’m not sure exactly how big out backyard is. I know our whole lot is about 1/6 of an acre, so I’d say about half that. We make sure to take them on lots of walks and to the dog park and lake for swims, too, so they get lots of exercise!

      Good luck with your new addition!

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