Little House. Big Resolutions: A Check-Up V

Happy Friday! You’re just in time to catch the end of our series checking up on where we are with our New Year’s Resolutions. We’ve shared how we’re making strides towards getting healthy and disconnecting from technology and how we’ve gotten of to a slow start towards being a better neighbor and expanding LHBH.

Resolution #5: Be Twenty-Something

This is hands down the easiest resolution. Kevin and I are bent on acting like we’re twenty-something… because we are. Yes, we have some major responsibilities- professional careers, mortgage, car payment (soon)- but we want to enjoy this time of our lives. We’re young, without children, with two good jobs and we intend to live it up and party like it’s 1999. Okay, not 1999. We were only 12 then.

What have we been doing to be twenty-something? We went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans! We rented a minivan, drove the eight hours to NOLA with six of our best friends, rented a hotel room on Canal Street, and collected more beads than we could carry (literally). It was an awesome time.

We’ve got a couple more trips up our sleeves, including one to Europe, a possible cruise, a surprise trip on our anniversary (Kevin’s booked the tickets, but won’t tell me where), and a plan for Vegas. We’ve also got front row tickets for the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert on June 9 (the day after my birthday!). We’re having a crawfish boil with our friends on St. Patrick’s day and running a 5K.

PS. We got our Greenling basket yesterday evening! It was packed to the gills with leafy goodness. Kevin was super excited. I can’t wait to share what we make with what was inside!

Have a great Friday. Any big plans?


11 thoughts on “Little House. Big Resolutions: A Check-Up V

  1. It sounds like you have awesome trips lined up! Where exactly in Europe are you visiting? (Just in case I can recommend some stuff).
    We don’t have many plans this weekend – but it’s one of the rare few Saturdays my boyfriend’s got free (since he plays handball and usually has a match on Saturdays) so hopefully we’ll do something fun!

    • We’re flying into London, staying a few days there, staying one night in Brussels, then going directly from there to the Loire Valley. We’ll be there for I think three nights, then spending the rest of our trip in Paris.

      I can’t wait!!

  2. This is a great resolution! I need to work on this. There’s a lot of pressure for us to have kids right after marriage but I think I’ll wait at least a year and enjoy being young and married for awhile. You guys are definitely living it up by the sounds of it! Jealous of all the travel plans!

    Have a great weekend!
    ps- I tagged you in a post today!

  3. Those trips sound awesome! Jesse and I have a few minor trips planned and then we want to go to Europe and back to Disney World sometime in the next year and a half. But we are loving our 20’s right now! We go downtown almost every weekend and bar hop or party with our friends and it’s a blast! We want to have kids, but we’re having a great time right now! 😉

  4. How fun!! I love traveling. I can’t believe Kevin bought the anniversary trip tickets and is surprising you. That’s seriously every girls dream. So fun!

  5. Oh my gosh I love Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw!! Super jealous!! We’ve got a beach trip planned in June, that is our best attempt at being 20 somethings lol! Have a super fun time on all these trips!

    • We’re going this spring (April/May timeframe). Where are you going?? We’re doing London, Brussels, the Loire Valley, and Paris. We actually just bought our TGV tickets for the Brussels to Tours and Tours to Paris trips today. 🙂

      • That’s going to be so gorgeous! I toured the Loire valley in 2005 (a trip with my high school french class) and would love to revisit it! In June, we’re going to Bruges and Paris with my parents and sister!

    • Kevin went in high school, too! We’re really excited. We’ve got a small bed and breakfast booked and we’re renting a car, so we’ll be able to just cruise around the area and see all the chateaus and wineries.

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