Little House. Big Resolutions: A Check-Up IV

All this week at LHBH we’ve been checking in on where we stand with our five New Year’s Resolutions. We’ve done well working towards living healthy and disconnecting from the technology that binds us, but we’ve got a ways to go towards being better neighbors.

Resolution #4: Help Little House get a Little Bigger

When we started Little House. Big Heart. last summer, the idea was to give me an outlet for all my creative energies. Over the next few months, Kevin started taking more and more of an interest and LHBH started to evolve into a hobby we both share. As the holidays came and went, we found our busy schedules making it difficult to post every day as we liked to. We also realized that we couldn’t afford to do several projects a week just for the sake of the blog. We decided to scale back, regroup the troops, and try again. We’d only post three times a week about things that really mattered, not just fluff to fill a Tuesday post slot.

The new LHBH is still very much a work in progress. We’re still trying to find the balance on postings and projects and are still tweaking our CSS every now and then. Over all, we’re happy with our new design and excited as we’re entering a new phase with LHBH. We want to continue to grow as a blog, not necessarily in numbers (although the more the merrier!), but in the quality of our posts and the way we interact with you.

This is the one resolution you can help us keep: do you have any suggestions for LHBH? We know that many of you are bloggers-for-fun like us, so we’d love to share strategies and help this little community of new-homeowner-newlywed-new(ish)-bloggers get even more awesome. Really, we consider all of you to be our friends… just ones that live far away.  🙂

We get our first local produce box today! We can’t wait to cook with what we get! Oh! And I got my new bike yesterday! I only fell off once (I forgot to tighten the handlebars… oops).


7 thoughts on “Little House. Big Resolutions: A Check-Up IV

  1. Haha I consider you guys friends, too. Isn’t it weird how that happens?

    Unfortunately, I don’t really have any suggestions – I like what you guys are doing (I stop by every day to check for posts) and hope you keep it up! I love seeing the different projects you do because sometimes they’re things I never would’ve considered trying. 🙂

  2. Hi Jessica, I don’t really have any suggestions either- I think you are doing a great job and I enjoy reading about all the projects and things you are up to- you have some great ideas. and all your recipes sound yummy- haven’t tried any yet but I plan to soon! Also just wanted to mention that I am neither a new homeowner (I rent) nor a newlywed (divorced), I am just someone who enjoys DIY projects, cooking and all the other fun aspects of domestic life 🙂

  3. Think you guys are doing great so I don’t have any suggestions. Keep up the good work! 🙂 (ps – can’t wait to hear about your first basket. I’m seriously thinking of doing it myself.)

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