Little House. Big Resolutions: A Check-Up II

All this week, we’re reviewing our progress towards our five New Year’s Resolutions. Yesterday, we discussed our progress towards living healthier. Today, we’re going to take a look at our second resolution, to disconnect and reconnect.

Resolution #2: Disconnect and Reconnect

This resolution was all about turning off the technology that rules our lives and spending more time together, unplugged. We’ve been doing a much better job of turning off the TV and spending our evenings together. There are a few shows that we like to watch (How I Met Your Mother, The Firm, and Pan Am), but we DVR them and watch them on rainy days. Instead of watching TV, we take Indy to the dog park (she loved standing in the water buckets when she was little), work on the house or yard, or read a book.

As good as we’re doing limiting out TV time, we’re doing terrible at turning off our cell phones. Because I’m on call with my job 24/7, I can’t turn mine off. I have my work calls forwarded to my personal phone, so even when I’m not at work, I’ve got work with me. Kevin isn’t on call like me, but because his only phone is a company Blackberry, he always has work with him, too (and it’s not just our phones… our laptops are never out of reach). And because we both have smartphones (I have an iPhone), we find ourselves playing games or on the internet way too often. We really need to work on leaving the phones at home and making our time our time.

We also resolved to singlehandedly save the US Postal Service by sending notes and cards to our families and friends in stead of emails and ecards. So far, we’ve failed miserably on this front. Other than sending out invites for my friend Danni’s bridal shower, I haven’t set foot in our local post office. I’ve got reminders set up on my Google calendar now to help remind me to get things sent out, so hopefully I’ll remember to start sending things out.

We have been entertaining more. We threw a Super Bowl party (and fit thirty people into the Little House… it was standing room only) and have hosted some of Kevin’s fraternity brothers for dinner. We love opening our home to others, so this is one resolution that has been easy to keep.

How do you disconnect? What would you do if your job didn’t allow you to ever power all the way down (even in the middle of the night?



9 thoughts on “Little House. Big Resolutions: A Check-Up II

  1. Indy with her 2 front feet in the bucket is so cute! You guys seem to be doing great. I know for me turning off the tv would be incredibly difficult!

    You guys will figure out the phone and computer thing eventually. When I leave work at the end of the day I’m done until the next morning when I get back (although I do have a laptop that comes home with me at night) but my Kevin has his work email on his phone and he checks it several times a night. For me, it’s incredibly important to have that time when I don’t have to worry about work so I get on his case whenever I see him on there (he doesn’t have to check work email at night, he just does). I don’t know how you do it having to be plugged in all the time.

  2. Sounds like you guys are doing great! Unplugging is really hard- technology is just too available now! I would have a hard time disconnecting from my phone. I am trying to turn down the tv watching too but its just so nice to kick back and relax and watch a show…. I definitely need to work on it!

  3. I hear ya about the phones. I feel like it’s the hardest thing to disconnect from. I guess that’s one reason why I love traveling…especially oversees. No phone, no email checking, no calls, no texts; no nothing. Ahhh bliss. 🙂

  4. It’s so hard disconnecting from my phone. I actually just uninstalled all of the games I had on it. Thankfully, my job doesn’t need me on call 24/7 (I’m technically in the union so I can only work 35 hours a week), but I don’t think I could handle the constant demand.

  5. Way to go on the TV and entertaining!! I find it really really hard to unplug from the computer – (no smart phone for me, otherwise I’d add that, too). You guys seem to be doing great though – keep it up! I like these updates.
    (ps – send us a photo of your jewelry! 🙂 )

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