A Bicycle Built for… Me!

Last June while Kevin and I were on our super-fantastic honeymoon in Tahiti, blissfully drinking Mai-Tais and scubaing with sharks, the unthinkable happened. We were burgled- or rather, our garage was. Thankfully, it was mostly empty, but the thieves did ride away on our road bikes (although I’m not sure how… they also drained our kegerator).  Since our homeowner’s policy covered the bikes (not the beer), we went out and got Kevin a new bike right away. I was just a few weeks from my shoulder surgery though, so we decided to wait until spring to get me a bike.

Guess what… It’s spring (at least in Texas)! Kevin surprised me last night with this beauty. It’s a 2011 Diamondback Podium 2. My last bike was  Scattante R-330 with all Schimano Sora components. This baby has all Shimano Tiagra components- a major upgrade. Don’t worry. This is all mostly Greek to me, too. Kevin had to explain it all to me last night.

The important takeaway is that I got a new, better bike. And it  matches my helmet… which happens to be a kid’s helmet with blue and pink flowers on it. Don’t judge me; I take this biking stuff super-serious. I even have the padded shorts and say biker things like “On your left” as I whiz by joggers. I’ve also been known to accidentally wreck Kevin. Twice.

Kevin and I love to ride around White Rock Lake, only a few miles from our house. It has a 9-mile biking/jogging trail, a dog park (that Indy loves), and some of the most gorgeous views of the Dallas skyline. We love spending time there.


When we ride (or run, for that matter), we always use our Adidas miCoach app. It uses your phone’s GPS capabilities to track your route, time, and calories burned (based on your age, sex, and weight). What it tells me is that I’m slow. Okay, it doesn’t actually tell me I’m slow, but it does have “coaches” that give you split times (you can choose a male or female voice- I have male 🙂 ). I wasn’t paid to say I like this app. It just rocks our socks (even when they’re all gross from riding… eww) and we wanted to share its awesomeness with you.

This is part of our Get Healthy New Year’s Resolution. We both really love cycling, so this will get us up and out of the house more often and is a great change of pace (literally) from our usual jogs. Stay tuned for an overall update on our resolutions tomorrow!

Also, make sure to check us out next week as I share the DIYed bridal shower I’m throwing one of my best friends. It’s a wine tasting, so you know it’s going to be good!


12 thoughts on “A Bicycle Built for… Me!

  1. So fun! Joe actually rides his bike to work when the weather is nice enough (ie. when he won’t freeze to death and there isn’t a monsoon). He’s actually been using the bike this week since the weather is so nice! I definitely want to get a bike so I can leisurely stroll along with him on the weekends since we live right near a boardwalk.

  2. I have always though biking would be fun but haven’t done it in years (we’re talking jr. high here.) White Rock Lake is so pretty. Have you tried the Katy Trail? It’s great too. The scenery isn’t the same but it’s still nice and great for biking. Plus you can stop off anywhere in Uptown for a nibble or something (or some Wild About Harry’s custard). Mmmm. Yay for spring in Dallas.

  3. It’s so awesome that you guys ride together! Jesse and I want to get a spin bike and an elliptical and some other equipment so we can work out together at our new house. I know that stuff is such an eyesore, but it’s cheaper than going to the gym and we can store it in the garage.

  4. I used to bike every day to school when I was younger, but now I don’t even own a bike! Shame.
    Anyway, I’m jealous of your spring weather! I’m completely over winter right now. Can’t wait to hear about the bridal shower, it sounds like so much fun!!

  5. I love that your bike and helmet match! I made Forrest get me a helmet that matched my snowboard (even though I don’t snowboard anymore…Forrest is a terrible teacher lol). Enjoy the nice weather! It’s starting to inch towards the 60s and 70s here and I’m so excited I can’t wait, especially since our new neighborhood has sidewalks!

  6. i love your new bike! When we lived in Dallas, dan and I would love to do that ride, but we haven’t much lately. We are closing on our new house in 2 weeks and it is right near a huge national park. we have already resolved to get in better shape!

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