Baby Watch 2012

And now for one of those glimpses into our daily lives I mentioned here last week. We have a busy week ahead, so I thought I’d share what’s going to be keeping us busy.

Baby Watch 2012: What do my sister and Orville Redenbacher have in common? They’re both ready to pop! We’re officially on Baby Watch. I was hoping and praying she’d go into labor while we were up in Indiana/Illinois this weekend, but little Emma Sue had other ideas. She’d rather stay where she is, thank you very much. My sister’s trying every trick in the book to get her to change her mind, from going up and down stairs, walking the dog, and even eating Chinese food (how that could make you go into labor, I’ll never know). We’ll keep you posted.

Superbowl Readiness Assessment: It’s no secret that Kevin and I are ridiculously huge football fans… as in he proposed to me on the 50-yard line of Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts and this year’s Super Bowl. In honor of the occasion, we’re having our Sunday School class, Honeymooners (all newlyweds), over to our house for a Super Bowl party of epic proportions. I’ll be working on getting the party planned and browsing Pinterest for some Super Bowl party recipes and decoration ideas.

Dust Bunny Eradication Project: Throwing an Super Bowl party of epic proportions means we’re also required to have a cleaning party of epic proportions because we have dusty bunnies of epic proportions just hanging out everywhere (like its NBD) and we don’t allow their kind at our parties. They must be eradicated.

New Car Salesmen Manipulation Strategies: Kevin and I are going to start looking for a new vehicle for me this week! Rosie, my tried and trusty Mustang is getting a little more tried than trusty. We’re thinking we’re probably going to go with a Ford Explorer… more room for DIY project hauling!


I know there’s lots more we have to do, I just can’t remember it right now. I guess that means they’re not important. 🙂

What’s on the docket for you this week? Have any go-to Super Bowl recipes or awesome decoration ideas? Does it make anyone else sick that the Patriots are in ANOTHER Super Bowl?


14 thoughts on “Baby Watch 2012

  1. You have a busy week indeed! I borrowed a sewing machine so hopefully I’ll learn how to use it. Although I’m going to be busy with school-related stuff this next month, so I’m not even sure if I’ll have the time, sadly.

  2. Forrest and I had a Ford Expolorer and LOVED it! We had to get rid of it sadly, but nothing to do with the car itself, more like tons of little issues adding up to one big one (aka… Forrest was in an accident and other problems started after that). We have a Subaru Forester and love that too, it’s a little on the smaller side, but it works great for us now! Good luck and we are keeping your sister in our prayers and hoping baby Emma makes her apperance soon!

  3. Wow! That is a lot going on! Our landlord has started doing tours of our townhouse so we cleaned a lot this weekend too! Good for you hosting a SB Party! After we get settled in at the new house I really want to host a party of some kind. By the way the buffalo chicken dip (there are a few recipes on Pinterest) is a football game favorite of ours so I’d try that out!

  4. how in the WORLD did you get to be on the field for a proposal? i am also a HUGE football fan, and peyton is my man. love the colts–although i’m struggling right now with all the changes.
    found you on yhl.

    • The Colts used to have their summer training camp at our alma mater, Rose-Hulman. One of our friends used to work for the school’s grounds keepers during the summer, which meant he rubbed elbows with the Colt’s staff while they were there, especially the guy in charge of the fields. When Kev wanted to propose to me at LOS, our friend used his connections to help get us in. It was a Wednesday and we were the only people in the Stadium (except for my family who was hiding in the stands, watching). It was really incredible!

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