A (sorta) New Direction

Happy Hump Day, everyone! Hope you’re having a great week! It’s raining cats and dogs down here in Texas today. We REALLY need the rain though, so I don’t mind. Besides, it’s kinda cozy sitting here in my rain boots (well as cozy as a cubicle without a window view can be). It’s still 55 degrees outside, so it could be worse- it could be snow.

See that? I’m talking about the weather. Sad. That’s what you talk about when you have nothing better to talk about- something I want to avoid here at LHBH. We started this blog to share our ideas, projects, and lives with our family across the country, but it’s become so much more to us. We love sharing our lives with you, too, and we love being bloggers.

That being said, we’re nowhere near professional bloggers. We’re both engineers with regular jobs and regular pay. We’ve been working hard to meet our posting schedule and crank out five quality posts a week, but we have to plan and save for our projects just like the rest of you (which is why I know you’ll understand).

I guess the point of this post is to explain that while we may not have a DIY project to post about every week,  may not renovate entire rooms of our house (although we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the bathroom), and may not even be able to post every single day, we intend to keep putting 100% into this blog.

What does that mean? You’re likely to see more recipes (we may not tackle a nightly project, but we do our darndest to make a healthy, inexpensive, home cooked dinner every night), more dreaming/inspiration posts (because let’s face it… we’re newlyweds on a budget), and you’re probably going to be seeing more random glimpses into the crazy Beals’ home.

We hope you’ll keep reading as we test out our blogging wings and try to figure out just what we want LHBH to be.


18 thoughts on “A (sorta) New Direction

  1. I’m right there with you sweetheart! I struggle with finding the time, the money, the motivation, and the humor to keep up with my blog. I want to do it, but I just don’t always have enough of the above to make it happen! I trust that, in the end, my loyal readers will keep coming back and they will stick with me during those times when I’m either silent (because I’m not posting) or I post things that just aren’t as pretty and funny as I wish they could be. Don’t worry. . .you’ve got at least one reader (me!) who will keep coming back for more. Even if it is just recipes. . .cuz I just so happen to be in need of some good ones! 🙂

  2. Totally understand. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with everything with a full time job and other commitments. I think we all do this as a fun hobby so there shouldn’t be any pressure or stress with it. Just do it when you have time and can enjoy it. I’m personally looking forward to recipes because it seems like you two really know how to cook!

  3. I feel you too. When I’m excited about what I’m posting its lots of fun, but if I feel pressured to post just for the sake of posting I won’t do as good of a job. By the time I go to the gym, get home and eat dinner, it takes at least 1-2 hours to get a new post up, and that is time I could be spending with my husband. Its hard to find the balance.

  4. That’s the beauty of blogging. It’s best when it’s real, honest, and about you. Don’t let the pressure of what you think it should be take away from what it is. Love your blog, your honesty, and your real-life attitude. Keep up the good work.

  5. Excellent post!

    I wrote Confessions a week ago about how I felt overwhelmed and since then I’ve had ideas out the wazoo. I think coming to terms with the fact that you aren’t a big blog (yet) makes everything so much easier. Everything will evolve into what it’s going to be over time and if people don’t like then they can beat it and you’ll always pull in new people. Just know I’m here to stay! I get all of your posts as emails, so I read every single one!

    Keep up the awesome work. I love reading what you have to say and working in some home life here and there isn’t the worst thing. It’s nice to know more about the people behind the home decor.

  6. I try to do 3 posts a week but if I don’t, I don’t worry about it….I’d rather have something to say than post just for the sake of posting. Big blogs that post a lot do that for a full-time job, so don’t feel bad at all about departing from that schedule. You already have a full-time cubicle with no window. 😉 And I think that some of the best posts are the ones that “stray” a little from the established content and really give a glimpse of the human behind the words…so go for it. 🙂

  7. I completely understand that! If I make two posts a week I consider it a good one haha! And my feeling is your blog, your schedule, so you guys do whatever works for you! And I feel you on the saving money aspect for DIY projects. We can’t afford to do something every week either (although I wish we could!). I don’t have a window per say here… but I do get to look out onto large basins of steaming…stuff… on chilly mornings like this hahaha, oh the joys of this job somedays 🙂

  8. I am so with you on this. Especially the saving part. I have so many plans for projects on our little house, but each one has a savings goal that i have to meet first before diving in. I for one am looking forward to more recipes and behind the scenes posts!

  9. Sometimes I feel at a loss, too. It’s hard to tackle home projects and personalize your living space when you rent. I get writers block sometimes, but I usually have a note pad and pen with me at all times and write down notes/topics/posts on my commute. I’m old-school.

  10. I totally struggle with this, which is why I haven’t posted in a few weeks. Taking a little bit of a breather. To be honest, you seem like you really have it all together, so it’s a little refreshing for me to see that you also have trouble coming up with things to write. Regardless, you are doing a great job and I think your blog totally rocks. 🙂

  11. I totally understand! I’m sure we’ll have a ton more to post after we close on the house and start re-doing some things, but until then I post what I can and let it go. I’m really hoping to store up a back log of posts over the next month so I have somewhere to turn when I get writer’s block or a crazy day.

  12. Katie and I always say, if blogging gets to be not fun anymore than we’re not doing it. We stressed in the beginning to each do a post every day but then one day we realized, this is our blog and we can do whatever the heck we want with it…so that freed us from a lot of unnecessary stress! I think your blog is fantastic and I would love to see more of what is going on in the Beal life! 🙂

  13. I second everything Jen said! I would love to see more of what happens “at home” for you guys! And really, once we got the mindset, “Its our blog, we’re the boss, we can do what we want” it got SO much more fun and relaxing. Looking forward to seeing what LHBH turns into!

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