Feeling Dippy

Can you believe there’s only about three weeks until Valentine’s day? Seriously, where has January gone? Seeing that the big day is coming up soon and a lot of us are newlyweds… have you starting thinking what you’ll do for your other half for Valentine’s Day? Nope. Me either. That’s why I thought I’d share LHBH’s easy Chocolate Dipping tutorial! Who doesn’t love chocolate dipped… anything?!

As part of our homemade Christmas goodie baskets this year, Kevin and I dipped spoons to make Hot Chocolate Spoons (just add warm milk, stir, and Viola!). Dipping things in chocolate is delicious, fun, and easy. Plus, you get to eat any mistakes!

First, choose a good, quality chocolate. Cheap chocolate doesn’t taste as good, easily loses it temper** (sounds a little like me), and tends to lose it’s luster quickly. We used Ghirardelli milk chocolate for our spoon dipping.

Next, use a double boiler over medium low heat. I like to use a Pyrex bowl instead of my metal double boiler because the glass adds a little extra insulation to help keep the chocolate from overheating and losing it’s temper**.

Add the chocolate to the bowl, stirring frequently. Because you’re using a lower temperature (so it doesn’t lose it’s temper), the chips will melt more slowly. Have patience, grasshopper. It will be rewarded.

When the chocolate is almost completely melted, shave a teeny bit of paraffin wax into the chocolate. Adding paraffin will both help to thin the chocolate and make it shiny as it sets. You don’t need to add much; adding too much will affect the final flavor and texture of the chocolate.

Finally, dip your goodies. There’s no scientific way to do this; drag, dip, or swirl until thoroughly covered. Before placing on a sheet of parchment paper, allow the excess chocolate to drip off. It makes the process slower, but will help to avoid chocolate “puddles” forming under each of your chocolatey goodies.

Not sure what to dip? Strawberries, orange segments, cherries, bananas, and peanuts are oldies and goodies. Looking for something different? Try coating graham crackers and marshmallows for instant s’mores. Not a big fan of sweets? Try coating pretzels, popcorn, and potato chips for a pop of sweet and salty. Is your other half adventurous? Try chocolate covered bacon or chili peppers (I’d use dark, dark chocolate for them).

What’s your favorite chocolate covered treat? Mine’s definitely sea salt caramels and Kevin love classic strawberries? Have a great weekend!!

**Tempering chocolate to a specific temperature is what gives it it’s shine and snap Overheat the chocolate and it will  loose the temper become dull and brittle. Ever get little white circles on your chocolate? It’s lost it’s temper.


10 thoughts on “Feeling Dippy

  1. Chocolate spoons sounds great! My mom usually buys Valhrona chocolate in bulk online and then gives me some bars, which I use for “important” events – or when I’m feeling fancy, haha.

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