The Big Desk Reveal

Well, we did it. We finished putting together the office… the desk at least. The room still needs a whole lot of lovin’ before we can call it done (along with the rest of the Little House).

As we mentioned last week, our desk consists of almost all Ikea components: various Expedit bookcases, two Vika Amon desk tops, and our two white chairs (bought on sale here). We also used four table legs from Home Depot. We used Rust-oleum Ultra Cover 2x Primer and Paint in Satin “Dark Walnut” to paint the legs. The color was the perfect match for the almost-black Ikea furniture. We hung the legs from the threaded studs so that we could paint the whole things at once. We did one coat of primer and three super thin coats of paint. We left the legs to dry overnight in the garage.

To attach the legs to the Vika Amon desktop, Kevin drilled two 1/4″ holes about a half inch deep into the back. The studs on the tops of the legs threaded easily into the holes. Notice we were so excited to get started on this project we didn’t even change out of our church clothes. 🙂

The main support of the desk came from four wooden brackets we picked up from Ikea for $4 each. Once we centered the small Expedit shelf, we measured where the brackets needed to be hung (8″ in on the side, 28″ up from the carpet) and screwed them in using drywall screws. The entire project was supervised by the LHBH overseer, Fievel. He kept a sharp eye on all of our work.

We flipped the desktops over and secured them to the brackets. Kevin had a lot of fun doing this (until the overseer gave him “the look” and he got back to work).

And now, the reveal! The picture quality isn’t great since it was dark, but there were playoff games to be watched that took up some of our daylight.

Ignore the decor, I was just robbing other parts of the house to stage the desks. We still have to get baskets for the bookcases, artwork, and a bigger rug. We’d also really like to get a small slipper chair and end table to put across from the desk to help balance out the room.

What do you think? I’m still up in the air about them.


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