Step into My Office

Ta-da! Welcome to the new-and-improving Little House. Big Heart. I’m still tweaking here an there, but I think I like this layout much more than the old one.

There’s been a lull in projects lately around the Little House. After Thanksgiving, we were so focused on our homemade Christmas gifts that we completely put all our plans on hold. The holidays are over now, however, and we’re ready to get started on the Little House again!

Next up on our list is our office. We’re pretty certain it started out life as a covered back porch that was eventually completely enclosed. Here’s what it looked like when we moved in. At the time, we envisioned turning this into a stunning master bath. After coming to grips with the work and money involved (not to mention having our backyard only accessible through a bathroom), we decided it would probably be better to make this a office/craft room/mudroom.

After one coat of Dolphin Fin in Behr Premium Ultra (the same color that’s in the rest of the house), the office currently looks like this. The white chairs were two of the one’s we got on super sale from Ikea.

Inspired YHL’s built in desk, Kev and I have been stocking up on pieces to make our own desk under the window in the office. Unlike YHL, however, our desk will be 100% Ikea (we had gift cards, so we put them to good use). We have two different sized of Expedit bookcases, two Vika Amon desk tops, and our two white chairs. I envision them coming together something like this (yes, I made this in paint… as usual).

The components will be:

1. 2×4 Expedit Bookcase
2. 2×2 Expedit Bookcase
3. Vika Amon desk top

We have everything on hand now (after a trip to Ikea last weekend), so this is our big weekend project. We’re going to hold the desk tops up with large L-brackets and turned table legs from Home Depot. Fingers crossed we can get it all done in time!

What do you think of the new LHBH? Of our office plans? What are your big weekend plans?


14 thoughts on “Step into My Office

  1. love the wall color – it makes the white trim pop! josh would die for a built in desk! can’t wait to see what it looks like!

  2. The new design looks great! I absolutely love it! And I can’t wait to see how this goes for you! We have some ugly cabinets that Jesse has been using with a piece of counter-top on them as a desk and when we move it is getting a makeover! Yay for YHL inspirations!

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