Under Construction, Day 2

Alternative post titles: Why I Wasn’t a Web Developer, I Hate Writing Code, and Why Didn’t I Pay More Attention in that One Programming Class I Took in College?

If living in the perpetual construction zone known as the Dallas Highway System has taught me anything, it’s that construction ALWAYS takes longer than planned. Always. And as you can see, LHBH is still in a state of complete disarray. The CSS style sheet and I have been struggling back and forth for what seems like forever. Hopefully we’ll be back tomorrow!

For now, here’s a picture of my pink hard hat (for you, Amanda and Erin) taken just this morning in the belly of the factory where I work (so please excuse that crazed “I haven’t had my coffee yet” look). Have a great Wednesday!



8 thoughts on “Under Construction, Day 2

  1. I took a web design class in college. Unfortunately it was taught by the ceramics professor. I could at least touch clay with my hands and learn intuitively. CSS, not so much. So I fell off that horse and am afraid to get back on. More power to ya!

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