Another Gift Dilemma

Ever had one of those days where all you can get done at work is work? Ridiculous, I know, but today is one of those days. I had planned to share Kevin and I’s resolutions today, but this silly job just won’t let me alone. Tomorrow, perhaps.

Instead, here’s a regularly scheduled Thursday Dilemma! What do you think of this rug? It’s from Williams-Sonoma and the exact colors I want to do in Kevin and I’s bedroom. It’s on sale for $76, but is back ordered until… July.

What do you think? Worth waiting until July? If it wasn’t back ordered it would probably already be on order.


14 thoughts on “Another Gift Dilemma

  1. LOVE IT! And that is coming from a girl who searched for an area rug well over a year because I couldn’t find just the right thing. Snatch that one up, it’s totally worth the wait! And think of it this way, you can still start working on other features of the bedroom because at least you have the rug picked out and on order. That way, when the rug comes in July it can be the last piece of the puzzle to complete the room, and it will fit right in because you had it in mind all along.

    • One more thing…the only thing I’d be concerned about (and the only reason I haven’t already bought one for myself haha) is the dog hair factor. Black dog hair + white/gray rug would make for a LOT of vacuuming in my house. Just something else to think about, but I do still think you should get it! 🙂

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