And the Stockings Were (finally) Hung

I am noting if not persistent. There was no way I was going to let these stockings get the best of me. Yes, I flubbed up the sewing. Yes, puppy ate the embroidery floss. Yes, there’s less than a week before Christmas– but no matter. They’re done! I finally finished sewing the fuzzy tops on by hand on Sunday (just hours before Kevin and I exchanged gifts… and stockings).

Here they are, stuffed to the gills and looking a little lumpy:

Thanks for all the Christmas wishes yesterday! Kevin and I had a wonderful first Christmas together! On Saturday, we spent the day working on our homemade Christmas gifts, then Kevin surprised me with a new outfit and tickets to see my first Nutcracker (I’ve danced in five performances, but never seen it from the audience). Sunday, we exchanged gifts.

I ended up getting him two pairs of cufflinks and two french cuff shirts. He’s mentioned several times before that he wanted to have some cufflinks to wear on his business trips. I found a pair on Etsy from Subway Cufflinks made from coins from French Polynesia, where we spent our honeymoon. The second pair was from Stadium Cuffs and were made from seats of the RCA dome, the old home of the Indianapolis Colts and site of many, many amazing experiences as kids for both Kevin and I. The verdict? He loved them. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your suggestions! I’ll be saving them to use on him for the future!

How was your weekend? Finish your Christmas shopping? Are you working this week or taking off?

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13 thoughts on “And the Stockings Were (finally) Hung

  1. The stockings are adorable! Great job on them!

    I love the gifts you two got for each other. They’re very sweet and thoughtful. And you’re so lucky to have the entire week off! Today is my last day until January (I have about 2 weeks off!) so I am very excited!

  2. That is such a great idea! I got Forrest cufflinks with a “W” on it a few years ago to wear on our wedding day. He ended up wearing a pair that his grandfather had and our two ringbearers each wore one of the “W” cufflinks, so it turned out to be very sweet. They definately make any outfit a little more snazzy!

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