And the Stockings Were Hung, Part I

Because Kevin and I are traveling to Indiana and Florida to see our families over Christmas we decided that we would have do our Christmas together this Sunday. We’ll exchange gifts from each other, have a mini-Christmas dinner, and watch our favorite movies by the fire. We’re also planning on filling each other’s stocking on our “Christmas morning.”

I’m in love with the idea and can’t wait to have the first ever Beals’ family Christmas. There’s only one little hitch in the entire plan: no stockings. We have stocking holders on our mantel, but no stockings. I’ve had fabric intended for stockings since Thanksgiving weekend, but haven’t been brave enough gotten around to it yet.

Since we’re T minus five days from our little Christmas, I figured it was about time to conquer my fear, break out the sewing machine, and get to work.

First, I cut a stocking pattern out of news paper (which just so happened to be the Canada Globe and Mail– why that was in our newspaper bin, I have no idea). It took about three tries to get the shape right. Next, I cut out the pattern and pinned it to the fabric (I vaguely remember my  mom doing the when she was using a pattern) so it would be easier to cut out.

As you can see, the fabric I chose was multicolored snowflakes. The colors aren’t really true in this photo; the red is more of a coral, the purple is more plummy, and the gray is charcoalier (<- totally a word). I also used a plum for the toe and heel of the stocking, and a wonderful faux fur for the top (I just wanted to wrap myself in it).

Fievel was very helpful, as usual (notice the talons on his back paw). He looked innocent for this photo, then started trying to dismember me as soon as I put the camera down and tried to get back to work.

Once I extricated myself from the kitty grip of death, I cut toe pieces out of the plum material and top pieces from the fur.

By the time I’d finished cutting everything out it was way past my bedtime (like… 10pm). I decided to wait until today to finish. All that’s left to do is sew everything together– which you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see!

Dangerous curves ahead: I have no idea how to pin/sew the curves of the heel and toe! Any suggestions? Up until now I’ve stuck to straight lines with the sewing machine.


11 thoughts on “And the Stockings Were Hung, Part I

  1. These are going to look absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to see the final product! Good luck with the hell and toe – I wish I could be more help but I’ve never sewed a curve before either!

  2. I love that snowflake fabric! They are going to be very cute when they are done! I have a stocking project I am working on too…

    As for sewing the curves- I would pin the seam the way you want it following the curve and then just carefully and slowly follow your pin lines when sewing. Just take it slow and I’m sure you’ll do fine! (Coming from someone who is a sewing beginner and has a very basic knowledge lol)

  3. I’m no expert, and just sewed my first 2 stockings myself, but I found it helpful to go sloooowwwwwly around the toe and heel, and moved the fabric as I went. I touched up places that looked wonky, so don’t worry if it doesn’t look absolutely right the first ttime–you can always adjust without having to pull out ALL of the stitches. And, imperfect but made with love is better anyway, right? 🙂

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