Oh Baby, Baby! Part III

I just ordered Kevin’s gift! It’s half from Etsy and half a Grouponicus find. Thanks to everyone who gave their suggestions! They were really helpful! Now I just hope they get in before Christmas.

Since I’m in a gift-y mood, I thought I’d share the gift I got for my sister. I knew that there would be no shortage of onesies and bottles for Emma, so I loved the idea of doing a Hospital Survival Kit for Steph and her husband. Not having been-there-done-that myself (yet), I relied heavily on other blogger’s suggestions as to what was needed in the delivery room, getting much of my inspiration from this idea I found on Pinterest (where else?).

And here’s my version. I was running around like a mad woman (totally uncharacteristic, I assure you) and completely forgot to add the printable labels I’d made.

Inside, Steph found:

  1. MadLibs – Growing up, this was one of Steph’s favorite games to pass time with.
  2. ChexMix – This is Steph’s favorite snack (for post-baby midnight munchies)
  3. M&Ms – Because anyone who just did that much work bringing a life into the world deserves chocolate
  4. Crystal Light lemonade – this was a suggestion from a fellow blogger who disliked the lemonade her hospital offered
  5. Rubber Bands – having hair in your face is a pain in the rear on good days, let alone in the middle of labor (or so I’m told)
  6. Burt’s Bees Pomegranate – to keep those lips baby-kissing soft
  7. Playing Cards – for Nate
  8. Deodorant – to help freshen up before everyone comes in to see little Emma
  9. Water Bottle – another blogger suggestion, the cups her hospital gave her were too small and she emptied them before her nurse was even out of the room
  10. Dark Chocolate Cherry Kashi bars – more midnight post-baby munchies for Steph
  11. Beef Jerky – Tied with ChexMix for Steph’s all time favorite snack. It’s pretty high on the list for Nate, too.
  12. Toothbrush and toothpaste – just in case she forgets hers at home and to get rid that I-haven’t-been-allowed-to-have-water breath
  13. Makeup removal wipes – To remove those mascara smears before everyone comes in to see Emma
  14. Johnson’s body lotion – To freshen up and aid Nate in giving better hand massages
  15. Ouchless Headbands – again, to keep that pesky hair tame and out of the way

Like I said, I had no idea what one would wish for in the delivery room, so if some of these things seem a little superfluous… just go with it.

The Golden Book (The Pokey Little Puppy) was what we did for Emma in lieu of cards. Every guest was asked to purchase a Golden Book and write Emma a little note to read someday. We thought this would be more meaningful and lasting than cards and would help to start a little library for Em (see, I’m already giving her nicknames).

I hope Steph enjoys the gift as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Do you tend to give traditional gifts or go a little (or way) outside the box? Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Can you believe I just started this morning?? I must be crazy. Oh yeah.



13 thoughts on “Oh Baby, Baby! Part III

  1. I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet!! And know I realized I just have two more weeks! I should really start with that.
    I love the survival kit, very cute!

  2. Love the survival kit idea- very cute! We did the books in lieu of cards idea at the last shower I planned too- such a great idea!

    As for Christmas- I would say I am about half done but stressed about it! Have a few gifts left to make (because I’m crazy like that), a stocking to finish and some gifts to still decide on. Deciding what to get is the hardest part!

  3. The survival kit is such a great idea! My husband’s cousin is pregnant (not due until May though) so this would be a great gift to get her! You’re way ahead of me on gifts though – I still need to order Joe’s and hope it gets here on time!

  4. “Because anyone who just did that much work bringing a life into the world deserves chocolate”… made my day! And thankfully we are done Christmas shopping… but only because our other student loans are coming due any second now…

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