Oh Baby, Baby! Part II

Last Friday I shared the homemade bunting I made for my sister’s baby shower. I’m running a little short on things to post, so today I thought I’d share some of the printables I made.

I made invites on Powerpoint (I’m sure there is much, much better software than Powerpoint, but I’m just way more familiar with it) and had them printed by Vistaprint. They were running one of their perpetual sales, so I actually got the first 100 postcards free. Good news: I was only buying 100.

I also made a couple of printable games to play at the shower. The first was Baby Shower Bingo. The guests filled out the blank bingo card before my sister opened her gifts, then passes the cards to their right. As my sister opened gifts, they marked off what she actually received.

The last printable I made was a game called “Match Mommy.” My sister completed a sheet of baby related phrases. Whomever matched the most phrases with her won the game.

The games went over really well. We had small prizes for the winners and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. The printables were really easy to make and I’d be happy to share the files with anyone who might want them.

I didn’t make my favorite printable of all. Instead of a traditional guest book, I had guests sign a family tree created especially for Emma by Christina Elizabeth Design on Etsy. Everyone put their fingerprint on the tree and signed it, creating a family tree of sorts that my sister can hang in her nursery.

Do you make your own printables for your parties? Have you played these baby shower games before? Isn’t Etsy wonderful?


19 thoughts on “Oh Baby, Baby! Part II

  1. I’m addicted to Etsy. I can spend hours looking for stuff. I’m still in love with the bunting you made, by the way! And the printables are awesome. I’m sure your sister was so happy you organized everything.

  2. I love the postcards! Did you get them with a glossy finish?? Did you like them?? I was thinking of getting our Thank You cards from them but I want to hear a first-hand experience first!

    • Kevin and I got both our Save the Dates and these invites from Vistaprint. We did go with the gloss and liked how they turned out. I could send you one of ours if you wanted an example of how they turn out. We still have a few of our Save the Dates left.

  3. I’ve written 3 separate posts about Etsy… so yeah, you could say I’m a fan. The printable is super cute, I love the fonts/ vintage circus poster vibe. If those fonts came with Powerpoint, I’m impressed. Speaking of baby showers, did anyone watch New Girl this week? Was I the only one wondering what kind of person has a baby shower with an open bar? Cuz I’ve never been to a baby shower with a cocktail hour. The episode was hi-larious, you should go watch it.

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  5. Hi there! I am a recent new follower and have so enjoyed your blog! I would LOVE to use your “Match Mommy” game for my sisters baby shower this weekend, is that possible?



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