Holy Snowflakes, Batman!

I had a horrible disappointment this morning. Not only did I have to come to grips on waking up that is was not, in fact, Saturday yet, but when I walked out to my car to head to work I was greeted with this horrific sight:

Needless to say, I was flabbergasted. Flummoxed. Dumbstruck. Severely disappointed that the weatherman would allow this to happen. Not cool weatherman, not cool.

The snow did serve to put me in mind of Christmas time. That got me to thinking about crafting. That got me to looking on Pinterest for projects I want to complete this Christmas season and THAT got me to posting about it for you (it was kinda like if you give a mouse a cookie, if you get my drift).

Over Thanksgiving, Kevin’s mom gave me some gorgeous silver candlesticks. I’d love to make some of these tissue paper trees (via) and display them on the dining room table. The hubs and I have set a $10 budget/project for all of our projects this season but I think I could easily do this project for under that.

I think these cut outs (via)are adorable and would so cute hung up behind the couch! They’d be easy to make with some old shoebox lids, some spray paint, and an Exacto knife.

I know that we will 100% for-sure be making these adorable salt dough gift tags for our homemade Christmas gifts (via). I can’t wait to post about what we’re making, but I’m afraid that we’ll have to wait until after (or at least closer to) Christmas in order to keep it a secret from our family and friends. I think these will be gorgeous with the imprint of evergreen branches and snowflakes on one side and names on the other. The best part is they will double as ornaments!

Finally, I’m equally as sure that I’ll be making one of these adorable Golden Snitch ornaments (via)! I plan on hiding it in the tree. You’re meant to have to look for the Snitch, right? I can just imagine having finding the Snitch in the tree that as a tradition when Kevin and I have kids (because they will like Harry Potter as much as us, of course… or they’ll be grounded).

What Christmas projects are you working on? Have you finished decorating yet? Sent out Christmas cards?


13 thoughts on “Holy Snowflakes, Batman!

    • Right after Kevin and I try to say “wingardium leviosa” to levitate the ornaments onto the tree like Flitwick (because that’s something we’d do).

      I don’t know about this crazy weather. At this rate I’m going to want to move North for warmth!

  1. I love love love the golden snitch ornament! Forrest has a star wars collection on our tree… I think next year I might just have to sneak in some HP (he never read the books/saw the movies… I know… he’s weird). And the salt dough ornaments are a really great gift idea. Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  2. Awesome projects that you have coming up!! I love the shoebox lids one and the salt dough ornaments are something I’d never seen before. Have you ever heard of cinnamon and applesauce ornaments? My little guy and I just made them (in fact, look for a blog post very soon!) and they are really easy and made the house smell HEAVENLY!!!

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