Oh Baby, Baby!

Remember way back when I shared Kevin and I’s DIYed wedding photos on Fridays (here, here, and here)? I decided to share the baby shower I threw for my sister, Stephanie, the same way. Starting today and continuing for a couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing the hows and how-tos of her vintage carnival themed baby shower.

We had the shower November 20th at our family’s restaurant/greenhouse in Indiana. There were about fifty friends and family in attendance to help celebrate my my new little niece-to-be, Emma Sue. Emma’s nursery is a minty green, pale orange, and buttery yellow– the colors are gorgeous together! So much so, in fact, that I decided to use those as the colors for the shower, too.

One of my favorite parts of the baby shower was the bunting I sewed (all 36 yards of it). It was my first official sewing project (even before these bathroom curtains) and was very, very easy. First, I cut a triangular template (I just eyeballed it) and cut out triangles from green, orange, and yellow fabric.

Next, I pinned the triangles to double sided bias tape and then finally sewed them together.

We hung it on the refreshment tables (because the greenhouse ceilings were too high to hang it from there). Everyone loved the way it looked! Steph even saved some of it and plans to hang it above Emma’s crib. 🙂

I’m finding out that party planning is one of my new favorite things. I loved planning my wedding and planning this shower was a blast (and a lot less stressful than the wedding). Sometimes I wonder why we pick our careers so early in life… I could have totally been an interior designer/chef/party planner instead of mechanical engineer extraordinaire… Maybe I can combine them all someday? Here’s to hoping.

Have you ever made homemade bunting before? What is your favorite baby shower theme? Are you game for more baby shower posts?

PS. Updated the header! It’s finally Christmas time!


20 thoughts on “Oh Baby, Baby!

  1. Love the bunting! Glad she is using it in the nursery because it will be so sweet hanging over the crib!

    Planning on making some for a photo booth backdrop for our wedding. Just one question- I thought you would have to create a finished edge on the triangles so they didn’t fray- how did you get around that?

    • I thought about that. I tried hemming the edges with a zig-zag stitch, but it just made the triangles look worse (maybe becasue I don’t know how to use the zig-zag stitch right).

      I decided that since the bunting was just going to get hung up to look pretty and be virtually undisturbed, it probably wouldn’t fray that much. There were a few triangles that frayed a teensy bit, but for the most part, they still looked great when we took them down.

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  5. I love everything that you’ve done! A lot of other websites are just like get everything off oriental trading but you actually put effort into it and I love it! My sister’s shower is in July she’s having a boy and we have the same theme but are going about it more literal we have carnival booths and carnival food and I think its going to be pretty awesome. I would like to share some of my ideas with you if your willing and also get a copy of some of your printables just let me know

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