Santa’s Little Dilemma

Warning: If your name starts with Kevin Beals, please do not read this post. Or the comments. I will know if you did and I know where you sleep. 

I may have said it a time or two before, but I have a wonderful husband. Adding to his wonderfulness, he’s a terrific gift giver. I, on the other hand, am not so creative. I always have good intentions. I mean to get him something he’ll love, he’ll use, and that’s meaningful and awesomesauce, but my gifts always seem to pale in comparison to his (not that it’s a competition or anything).

My little Christmas-light-hanging Carhartt model

It goes without saying then that I’m stumped on what to get him for Christmas this year. He got tools for the wedding (with his man-registry at Sears), has enough electronics to start a Radio Shak, and is very, very picky about his ties.

It’s our first Christmas and I know he’s going to knock it out of the park (like he does every year), so I need to bring my A game.

Any suggestions on man-gifts? Places to find man-gifts? How lucky am I to have married a Carhartt model (what’s weird is no one down here in Dallas knows what Carhartt is).


18 thoughts on “Santa’s Little Dilemma

  1. Red Envelope always has great ideas. There’s tons of stuff from the Men’s Favorites that would be good for any occasion. A few years back I found a Swiss Army Knife with a thumb drive built-in.

    Their stock changes too so you can always go and get fresh stuff.

    The family tree would be nice to personalize, or could be a good idea to look at for a DIY. The hidden message collar stays are really cute too – I think I’m going to save that for next anniversary if I can’t find anything else myself.

    • This was my first thought too, but my poor hubs has been burned before by the “it’s for you, but it’s for the house so it’s really… kind of for ME” gift! Trying to break that habit lol!

  2. Food!! Men love food. And music. You can get a large-ish box and just completely fill it with small things that you know he’ll love–a few CDs he’s been wanting, a shirt you know he’ll love, snacks, gift cards to his favorite restaurant, a gadget for his car or desk at work… You can individually wrap each item to double the fun!
    I kind of like the idea of a grab bag of little things that get pushed back while trying to save for bigger things. Can’t tell you how many times we’ve decided not to get that CD or book or other impulse buy in favor of saving up for a trip or some furniture!

    • I always fill Rick’s stocking with the food he always wants to buy but I won’t let him very often, like pounds of bulk gummies and his favorite expensive cookies. Other than that, I go with clothes! Good luck!

  3. My mom started a tradition with us that I started when Joe and I began dating. I buy an ornament for him to cover something important that year. It makes the Christmas tree so much more interesting! Maybe you can start up something like this, too?

    This year for gifts, Joe and I are going to get each other something small and then buy tickets to a show and have a night out (like dinner, drinks, Broadway). We already got a lot of things this year (through the registry) so it’s nice to have an experience 🙂

  4. My Kevin splurged one time and got fancy shaving stuff. He loved it so much he got a bunch of his friends on board with it too and they love it. They all say it makes shaving much less unpleasant. You could always get him some of that stuff. Here are some links to show you what I mean.

    Then you could get a stand or something too! Hope it helps!

  5. Haha. I was about to ask what Carhartt is. Mine is hard to shop for too. I’ve found some success with weekend getaways…even in the city (FW is another option too). Or I’ve done fishing trips for him (deep sea or river). Or one year I took him skydiving for his gift (I stayed firmly planted on the ground). Don’t know if that was at all helpful but I wish you the best of luck girl. I’m sure he’ll love anything you get him though. 🙂

  6. I understand what you mean! I go through the dilemma every year of what to buy my husband, yet he is always spot-on! It has gotten to the point where he tells me exactly what he wants and I get that and then make him something to go with it that has more meaning. For example: a new pocket knife with a blanket (the fleece kind that ties at the ends). Last year I really surprised him with a jersey for his favorite sports team that I found 1/2 price on eBay. This year he knows what he’s getting because he’s been asking for a year now and I can’t not get it (a video game) but I’m throwing in a framed picture of me on our wedding day for his desk at work. It may seem vain but he says pictures of me are his favorite so whatever. Good luck!!

  7. I hear ya! I am not a good gift-buyer in general. But for Justin I usually like to get tickets for us to do something together – maybe rock climbing (that’s what i got last year), a show, concert, wine tasting, etc. It’s a nice treat because we don’t usually spend the money to go out very often. Is he in to sports? You could get tickets to a game then.

    Or maybe something wasn’t bought off his man registry that you could still get him?

  8. Since you guys have a bar too, I got Forrest a piece of barware for one of the drinks he loves the most(don’t want to give it away just in case in checks in over here!). This is our second Christmas together, but the first one we will celebrate in our own home, so we decided to start a tradition of giving each other meaningful ornaments (as fun stocking stuffers). We also gave each other a general list of things that we might like, which helped me out a ton, because I agree with everyone else, men are incredibly hard to shop for! Just be careful if you order stuff online, I marked one present as a “gift” and it had what it was written all over the box! Thankfully hubb-o didn’t look!! Good luck!

  9. I’ve done art before – if he’s a nerd, I could point you to lots of nerdy artwork I’ve found. My husband still really likes getting Lego sets… (nerd). If he’s normal, then I would vote for the “experience” type of present. We’ve been attempting gift our family members tickets to sports games, shows, museums etc. instead of giving them a random piece of junk that they don’t really need. The trick is to buy actual tickets with a date/time on them. I’ve found that saying “we’ll take you to the museum some day soon” or “here’s a gift card to the movies” never end up happening/getting used in real life. But tickets to a hockey game on Jan 7th work!

  10. What I usually do is make little notes in my head of when he says, “I need this” or “I want one” when we are out shopping or he sees something on a commercial. For example, every time a Barnes & Noble NOOK commercial is on, he always says something like, I want that, or I need to get one of those, so I bought him one for Christmas, same with tool commercials, like that fancy new Kobalt Revolving Screw Driver. Just listen, they drop hints without even knowing it all the time.

  11. I agree with the other comments around the experience type gift: tickets to a game, a weekend away, or even a year’s worth of monthly date nights all planned out. You could plan some cheap ones some months (picnic in the park, candlelit dinner at home, etc) and then some exciting fun ones other times at places that the two of you enjoy. Another idea might be some. . .ahem. . .tastefully done but equally exciting (read: spicy) photos of yourself. I have friends who have done this for their hubbies in the past and they (the hubs) always seem to enjoy it. Not really the kind of gift that you take to work and show off, but one that some men really enjoy getting! Good Luck!!

  12. I just thought of something else…since he’s into home improvement, you could get him a subscription to This Old House or another one if he likes to read and you don’t already have a subscription! That’s the one magazine that Rick will actually pick up! 🙂

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