Let’s Talk Turkey. Again.

This morning, I’m thankful for… can I be thankful for Kevin twice in one month because today I really am thankful for him. Actually, I’m thankful for him every day, but this weekend he got so much done and then had coffee going for me when I got out of the shower this morning… I really am a blessed, blessed woman to have such a thoughtful, hard working hubby.


So. Remember that guy?

He has been the source of much listing, preparation, and DIY attempting lately (he is also resting in state in our refrigerator awaiting a nice dunk in a whiskey brine, but that’s another post).

Today, in case you weren’t aware, it’s Monday. Our family starts arriving on Wednesday. For those of you (like myself) not 100% math savvy, that’s less than three days. Three. Ahh! We posted this list back mid-October with some projects we wanted to finish on the Little House before our family arrives. Here’s where we are:

an Ikea trip to purchase additional dining chairs (we only have 4) (We got them for a steal!)
– hang wedding pictures (not done yet… maybe today?)
– caulk the cracks in the crown moulding in our bedrooms (not gonna happen)
– replace the rest of the electrical outlets in the house (nope. not even close.)
sell our eBay/Craigslist pile (relocated to attic)
– trim the bushes in the front yard and crepe myrtles in the back (crepe myrtles, check. bushes… not yet)
have a chimney sweep out
– replace ugly white ceiling fans in bedrooms (I wish, but not gonna happen)
powerwash sidewalks and deck (done here)
– paint front door (it needs it bad, but will have to wait until summer)
– sand and condition kitchen counters (today. definitely today.)
– dining room curtains and bathroom curtains (dining room today, bathroom last Thursday)
wallpaper living room bookshelves (done-o)
do something with the ottomans (if you count throwing a fur over them “something”)
– paint the bedrooms/office (we got the office done, but the bedrooms will hold)

And here’s what we added:

wash slipcovers (done!)
finish sewing pillows shut
put new Ikea chairs together
clean out garage (Kev did this Saturday while I was in Indiana)
buy and stack firewood
buy fireplace screen (found one with great reviews on Amazon for $33)
furnace service
– replace thermostat (the furnace service revealed the heater thermostat is bad, fixing tomorrow)
dining room bar (yay Pinterest challenge!)
top of fridge (cleaned when we combined drawers on the bar)
clean out pantry/fridge
replace lock on front door
– clean carpet in office (today)
hem shower curtain
cut down holly tree by front gate

We’ve got a ton done but still have a lot to do! Hopefully I’ll be sharing some of the before/afters with you tomorrow!

How was your weekend? Get any pre-holiday projects done?


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Turkey. Again.

  1. Sounds great! Get that momentum up! It’s amazing what can be accomplished in a short period of time. I want to paint my front door too, but like you, that project has been shelved until the spring. Actually, I ORB’ed my screen door and the orangey wood I used to loathe is now much more tolerable…. hmmm, we’ll see how that project ends up in a few months!

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