Today, I’m thankful airplanes (and not just because they’re awe-inspiring feats of engineering, which they are). Without them I wouldn’t get to travel to other countries on vacation,  Kevin wouldn’t have his dream job traveling around the world, and I wouldn’t get to see my family nearly as often– which is why I’m thankful for them today; I’m leaving for Indiana for my sister’s baby shower!


When we moved into the Little House, my mom bought me a sewing machine as a housewarming gift. Despite my big plans for curtains, pillows, and doggie beds, my sewing machine has sat unused since April. That is until this week. I’ve completed three projects this week with the sewing machine! The first, the 36 yards of bunting form my sister’s shower, I’ll share later. The second I forgot to take pictures of–which is a shame, because it was super exciting– I hemmed… theshower curtain. I know, I know. You were dying to see pictures of shower curtain hemming, but not here folks. We’re classier than that.

The third project was curtains for my bathroom. The window was in desperate need of some dressing (like me on Thanksgiving, har har).

The grayed, worn out blinds just weren’t cutting it. Of course, I decided that I must make curtains at 9:00 last night, long after all the craft stores in town were closed. Undeterred, I took myself to our new 2-story Walmart (complete with parking garage) and bought fabric there. I wanted to do solid black and white stripes, so they had what I wanted.

The sewing process involved lots of cutting, pinning, sewing, a little cursing, and some ripping out of stitches which I’ll spare you the trouble of enumerating. And as always, Fievel was there to help (by being on the dining room table, sitting on the curtains, covered in dog drool, and taking a bath).

I was left with these babies. They’re not hung properly, just set in the window for effect. I’ll get the hubs to hang them properly when he gets back from Montreal. I like the way they look (anything was better than plastic mini blinds) and I’m damn proud of my first real sewing project. 🙂

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the inspiration, the shower curtain (which I hemmed) has similar stripes.

Were you as petrified of you sewing machine as I was the first time you used it? Do you ever decided to take on projects at 9pm? I was up past midnight sewing curtains on a Thursday night– that’s right. We keep it wild up in the Little House.


15 thoughts on “Sew-sew.

  1. Oh, they’re so cute! I’ve been thinking about buying a sewing machine for some time now – but I’m afraid I’ll be too impatient to try and understand how it works. Some day, though.

  2. Those are super adorable, Jess! I don’t even own a sewing machine because. . .well, I know my limits and me taking up sewing would be like driving a Ferrari full speed past my limit line. I’d end up sewing my face to something, I just know it.

    BTW: I love that kitty. He’s so cute!!!

  3. Cute! I’m terrible at sewing, but lucky for me I’ve got a sewing man! We’ve been discussing curtains for the master bedroom for a few weeks now but he “just can’t find the right fabric or shades of plum and cream” he wants to use. I love that he sews but sometimes he worries me 😉

  4. I quite sewing the FIRST time after HomeEc in high school – got tired of that shirt before it was ever done.
    Got back to sewing in my 50’s as DIL wanted to teach me to quilt.
    Bought cheap White machine – a devil in disguise…and used for 5 years.
    Finally bought a good (read expensive) Bernina – and now I know what all the shouting is about.
    Girl, get your self a GOOD sewing machine – it makes sewing fun – really.

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