At a Loss for Words

Today, dear reader, I’m thankful for you. You didn’t have to take a few minutes out of your busy day to drop by our little pet project, but you did. Thank you. If it’s the first time you’ve been to LHBH, welcome!! I’m so glad you found us and I hope you enjoy your time here!  To those of you who check in day-in and day-out, comment, leave suggestions and encouragement– I can’t express my gratitude for your kind words and thoughtfulness. Your comments make my day and I love reading your witty, creative, heartfelt blogs! I haven’t been able to read/post as much as I like lately, but there have been many days where you’re the highlight of my work day and I can’t wait to get my post up and escape into Blogland for a while.

I don’t have a recipe for you today. We’ve been working on getting our house ready for the family so much lately that I haven’t had time to cook a proper meal in a while. Bear with us for a few more days, dear readers. Things are slow now on LHBH, but we have tons coming up in the near future. We’ll be sharing some of the projects we’re working on at the Little House, I’ll have several new recipes I’m going to try out on my unsuspecting family at Thanksgiving (and will subsequently share with you), and I’ll be sharing the DIYed Vintage Carnival themed baby shower I’m throwing for my sister this weekend in Indiana (I’ve sewn 36 yards of bunting so far!).

I really am at a loss for words this morning.  I had no idea what to post on. Does this ever happen to you or am I the only one doing this blogging thing by the seat of their pants at 7:30 each morning?


14 thoughts on “At a Loss for Words

  1. I constantly struggle with what I should post about. I can’t help but think I don’t have anything “good” to say and compare my blog negatively to others. Don’t worry for feeling this way, if anything, I think you seem to have it all together! You’re doing a great job!!

  2. I have days where I sometimes just don’t even feel like posting and then guilt sets in later and I’ll try to throw something together on my lunch hour. Blogging is challenging, even as fun as it can be and we’re not only relatively new to it all, but we also have full time jobs. I think you’re doing a great job and I love stopping by every day to see what’s up at LHBH. And even when you don’t have anything new, sometimes I go back and check out the old stuff!

  3. That has been my entire week, so don’t even feel bad! I want to see pictures from the baby shower (when it happens of course)… I’m on a look-at-everything-baby-related kick. Good luck on getting your home together, it always seems like such a daunting process, but Thanksgiving will be so much fun for you guys!

  4. It happens to me, as well! (Just today, actually). I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving (and happy planning/getting ready since that’s half of the fun in my book!)

  5. Oh Jessica! I could have written your post. Between working full time, going to school, raising an active little boy, and trying to keep my house together there are definitely times where I either don’t have the energy to post or can’t for the life of me think of what to post. I also go through periods where I just don’t think my life is interesting enough for anyone to want to read. I figure those that support me and are interested will stick by me during those times of silence (when I don’t/can’t post anything) and those that want something more will go elsewhere. No sweat off my back. Easier said than done, of course!

  6. I felt like that while I was away. I hated not having posts ready (the week of the wedding I wasn’t able to do much) and felt so guilty on the days I didn’t post. I just figure the more I write, the better it’ll get. Plus, I think eventually you’ll fall into a rhythm (or at least a style). It’s very much a learning process.

  7. I definitely battle with what to write sometimes too or stress that I don’t have the time and energy to get a project done to talk about. I also work full time and am planning a wedding, trying to make a home and still keep a semblance of a social life. It’s a lot to juggle so I totally get where you are coming from!

    You have a great little blog here and I have been inspired by a few of your projects so thank you and stop worrying- you’re doing great!

  8. oh girl…you’re not alone. Love your honesty though and sometimes it’s just good to know that other people struggle with the same things we do. Hope Thanksgiving preparations are going well!!

  9. Oh no, it’s not only you! And I don’t even have to think of a topic for goodness sake, people actually write in and do that for me! But still, it’s hard to write every day. I’ve cut back to three questions a week and I think my writing has improved because of it.

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