Coupon Challenge Update: Week VI

Today, I’m thankful for Little House. Big Heart. It’s the outlet I’d been craving, my little home on the interwebs where I can write and share and let my kooky, creative side loose. It’s the impetus I need to push me to actually complete the projects I dream about for the Little House. And it’s given Kevin and I a hobby to do together; I love working side by side with him to make our Little House a home (even when our projects don’t turn out quite like we expected).

And now for the Coupon Kids Challenge Update! This week we saved:

  • $1.50 at JoAnn Fabric (burlap was on sale!)
  • $1.00 at Kroger with our Plus card (we bought our Thanksgiving turkey for just $0.59 a pound!)
  • $1.50 at The Home Depot (on paint for the office– more on that later)
  • $1.64 on gas at Sam’s Club using our Sam’s cards
  • $2.01 at Albertsons
  • $53.46 at Hobby Lobby on fall decor for the mantel (it was %50 off!

for a grand total of $61.11 saved this week! We’ve officially saved $570.88  since October 7!

New to LHBH or miss out on the start of the Coupon Kids Challenge? Read up on it here!

Find any good deals this week? Is it just me or does it seem like something in Hobby Lobby is perpetually on sale?


3 thoughts on “Coupon Challenge Update: Week VI

  1. Oooh, you’re going great! But… if you saved $53 on decorations for the mantel, you musta spent quite a lot! (Ok, 50% off, I can do the math). Just be sure you’re not buying more so you can add to the savings, because, that’s not really saving, if you know what I mean. The best way to save is to not spend it at all! It’s so temping though… I guess that’s why stores do big sales. Gets me every time.

    • Thanks for the advice! We’re being really cautious not to buy anything just for saving’s sake. I’d been planning on purchasing fall decorations for a while (since our families are coming for Thanksgiving), but was waiting for them to go on sale after Halloween.

      $20 worth of the decor I bought were two pillar candle sticks which I’ll use in the dining room after they’re done with their stint on the mantel, plus I can reuse the decorations year after year.

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