Sharp Dresser, Part II

Today, I’m thankful for Ricola Honey-Herb throat drops. On days like today when my throat is screaming, those little things are the best thing in the world. The best part? They taste AMAZING. Lucky for me because I’ve been popping them all weekend; the hubs went to MN and all he brought me back was this lousy cold (I wasn’t paid to say nice things about Ricola. I just like love them).

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times: the Little House is big on charm, little on storage. As a result, the hubs and I are constantly on a mission to add as much storage as possible. Our new dining room bar went a long way to adding homes for some of our much neglected kitchen gadgetry and bar ware.

The additional storage space was great, but the drawers are shallow and could only hold smaller items. We needed storage for some of our bigger things to get rid of this mess:

That’s where the hubs showed his brilliance. He suggested we knock the bottom out of the middle drawer, connect the middle and bottom drawers to make one drawer deep enough to hold everything currently living on top of the fridge. I married a genius, I tell you. Pure genius.

First, we removed the drawers and the piece of wood separating the two drawers. It was held in place using dowels, so the hubs used a hacksaw to remove it.

Next, we took the face off the middle drawer and slid the plywood base out. The hubs also removed the center support from the drawer and then screwed the face back on the drawer. We were left with a very bottomless middle drawer.

The hubs then reattached the middle bar to the fronts of the middle and bottom drawers so when closed it would still look like two seperate drawers. We added a support to brace the back of the two drawers as well for a little extra heft.

We reattached the knobs and loaded that bad boy up.

Put back together, you can’t tell that we rebuilt the bottom two drawers.

The best part? The top of our refrigerator now looks like this:


What projects did you tackle this weekend? Like us, do you constantly find yourself in need of more storage? Can you believe we fit our breadmaker in that drawer? I mean, really, it’s stinking huge!

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14 thoughts on “Sharp Dresser, Part II

  1. That was a brilliant idea!! Our house is low on storage too, unfortunately it’s also low on space to add furniture for storage. I’m hoping it will all fit nicely once we get a real house with real size kitchen and cabinets my “crap on top of the fridge” will also be solved lol

  2. I hope you feel better!

    This revamp of the dresser is absolutely brilliant (I am super jealous and sort of want to do this with the spare dresser we have). By the way, what color is on your kitchen walls? I am absolutely in love with it!!

    • I have absolutely no idea! That’s what color it was when we moved in. I’ve checked the garage (the previous owner left some paint in there), but can’t figure out what it is. I think we’ll just have to color match it!

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