Drop Cloth Dilemma

Today, I’m thankful for my job— but believe me, that’s not an easy thing for me to say. I take no pleasure in my job; in fact, I derive just the opposite. It is a stressful, thankless atmosphere that I can never get away from (I’m on call 24/7). Many of the other engineers I work with have been in the exact same position for longer than I’ve been alive; they’re bitter, cynical, and sad. So why am I thankful for my job? Because it is a job– a good job. It’s allowed me to move to Dallas to be with Kevin, for us to buy our first home together, to have the wedding and honeymoon of our dreams, and given us the security and stability for us to start planning our future together. So while I don’t relish going to work every morning, I do love coming home to the Little House, Kevin, and our furry kiddos– and it’s this job (through God) that’s provided me with the life that I cherish so very, very much and for that, I’m thankful.

Just a teenie-weenie design delimma this Thursday: canvas drop cloth curtains. I haz them. I don’t know what to do with them. Paint? Stain? Sew a contrasting panel in? Use them to cover the floor as I hang real curtains? Help! I don’t know what I got myself into.


9 thoughts on “Drop Cloth Dilemma

  1. I’ve seen drop cloth curtains painted with stripes or chevron and they look great.
    Also, I love how you’re sharing what you’re thankful for every day this month!

  2. On call 24/7 and still keeping a positive attitude? You’re an inspiration. The Lord knows exactly what he’s doing when He puts us in these jobs that we don’t always love.

    Hmm…drop cloth curtains…I would try painting them! Good luck! 🙂

  3. What if you got a gigantic stamp and stamped a cool pattern on them? Stenciling would stress me out – but stamping would let the design be not perfect and it would look ok. I have never done that and I don’t even know if large stamps exist.

    Sounds like work must be tough – but way to go in working to be thankful for it! It inspires me to be thankful for things in my life that I don’t love all the time either.

  4. I just started reading your blog and am already in love with it! My husband and I have been married two years as well, but he’s stationed in Germany right now so it’s still about 4months till we’ll get to actually live together but hey he’s well worth the two and a half year wait 🙂 but it’s so nice to see such a young, inspirational couple not obsessed with having a HUGE house and willing to put WORK and effort into it to make it beautiful and make it theirs! I watch all those DIY and house hunter shows with my dad and its so sad how many young couples want BIG houses and don’t want to put anything into them! Good luck to you guys and God Bless you! Can’t wait to start reading more ♥

    • Kev and I were both raised in small houses and feel that a small house always feels more full, whether it be with furniture, people, or love. If we’d moved out to the suburbs here in Dallas and bought one of the huge builder homes out there we’d just rattle around like two marbles in a tin can. We like being close to each other and we love DIY!

  5. Love this take on chevron:

    I also link the rough canvas look, maybe you could do some kind of border stencil (as opposed to all-over stencil). Greek Key is really in right now, and I think chevron will be on it’s way out within the next year, given the momentum and ubiquity it’s gained since last year… Also, I think using black or ORB curtain clips will help “elevate” the humble canvas. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

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