Or, Thank God it’s the Weekend, because today I’m thankful for weekends! It might sound a little cheesy, but I seriously couldn’t make it without a couple days a week to unwind, spend time with the hubs, and get the DIY bug out of my system. I spend the entire week working towards Friday at 4:00; I live for the weekends– for Kevin’s breakfast and coffee on Saturday morning, the dog park, dinner and a movie with friends, Sunday school and lazy Sunday afternoons watching football. My weekend time is precious, and I am so thankful for it.

I thought I’d share a little hint about things to come next week. Here’s what’s inspiring this weekend’s project (all via Pinterest, click on the images for their original source):

What is inspiring you today? Any big DIY plans for the weekend? Anyone going to watch V for Vendetta tomorrow?

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10 thoughts on “TGITW

  1. I love the second picture you pinned!
    My birthday is on Monday, so hopefully we’ll do something fun to celebrate this weekend. Nothing special planned though!

  2. I love those last two inspiration pictures – can’t wait to see what you diy!
    I probably won’t be getting any projects done – since i’m moving, but i’m hoping to get the ball rolling again once everything is unpacked. 🙂

    Have a great weekend, Jess!

  3. Can’t wait to see the weekend project results!

    I’m hoping to get some spray painting done

    Love V for Vendetta!

  4. Yea for the weekend! I’ve got a whole day with no plans – and I think I may keep it that way! But maybe I’ll sneak in some diy projects just for fun – love those pink chairs and the gorgeous gray wall papering!

  5. i was all hell bent and determined to get my daughter’s bedroom done this weekend, but as luck would have it, my husband has a cold, so i don’t know how much will actually get done. i can’t wait to get this house back in order. her room is completely emptied, meaning things are EVERYWHERE in this house. so, that’s my plan for this weekend. now if only i can stick to it!

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