Sharp Dresser

It’s that time of year again! Sherry over at YHL and Katie over at Bower Power announced the fall edition of the Pinterest Challenge last Wednesday! I accepted and spent the weekend working on my project with the hubs. What did we make? Here’s a hint:

Images found here, here and here (via Pinterest)

Image found here (via Pinterest)

Last week, Kevin and I bought an old changing table that we wanted to repurpose as a bar/buffet in our dining room. I even asked for your opinion on Friday as to how we should repaint it. Remember this guy?

Lots of storage, ugly finish. It was the first thing to go. We broke out our trusty sander and sanded that puppy down.

On a side note, don’t follow our example. You should always wear proper eyeware and a mask when using a sander. We’re just crazy kids that like to live on the edge like that. Anyway, once the sanding was done, we had to wipe the dresser down in preparation for the primer.

We used Kilz Oil Based primer. Oil based paints are a pain to work with, but they block stains a lot better and we didn’t want to take any chances with that orange stain leaking through. Because we bought the good stuff, we went with one good coat.

With just the primer it was already looking better, don’t you think? After the Kilz was dry, we painted the bottom half and the drawers Creamy White in Semi-Gloss by Behr. We had half a gallon left over from woodwork painting, so the paint was essentially free! The half gallon was enough to get three good coats on all the surfaces and then some.

When the white had had a chance to dry, we started on the brown. We ended up going with an espresso color by Behr (that I can’t remember the name of at the moment, also in three coats) in lieu of trying to restain the top. We felt that it would be more work than we signed up for to remove all the old varnish and stain and make the new stain look even. Go ahead, call us refinish wimps. It’s ok. We can take it.

We gave the whole thing a solid 48 hours before bringing it into the dining room. Once inside, we installed the smaller ORB hardware we had purchased from Home Depot. The finished product? Taaa-daaaaaaaaa!

That is one good looking changing table bar if you ask me. Let’s see it from another angle, shall we?

That’s right bar, work it! Work it for me!

Needless to say, we couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out! All together, we spent $120 on the bar: $60 for the dresser and delivery on Craigslist and $60 in supplies from Home Depot. Not bad if you ask me!

Today, I’m thankful for Indy and Fievel. When I’m stressed, feeling down, or just need a furry head to scratch, they never let me down. {Want to join the Thankful November Challenge, too? Find out how here at Paisley Print Shoes}

Did you participate in the Pinterest Challenge? What did you make?


32 thoughts on “Sharp Dresser

  1. It looks great! I love the espresso finish and the ORB hardware. Just a question though, since I’ve considered looking for a dresser to use as a bar, too: do you use the drawers to keep bottles? If so, how? I ask because my boyfriend was concerned about spills from open bottles.

    • We thought about that too, so we only looked for dressers that had a place large enough to set bottles. We’ll be keeping the nice bottles on the top (as seen) and the rest of them in the tall cabinet on the right side (none of the other drawers are tall enough to fit a bottle). Plus, we get to use the rest of the drawers as much needed storage.

  2. That’s an amazing transformation! And I LOVE your clock, where did you get it?

    My sister and co-blogger made some painted glass ornaments and we both love how they turned out!

  3. looks good. you should put it in emma’s texas nursery though. she’ll need one of those i’m just sure of it….. since you live 912 miles away and she’ll be coming to visit all the time. 😦

  4. What a great transformation! I really like the contrast of the dark wood and white. Agreed about the oil-based primer…we didn’t use it on a recent furniture painting project and the stain leaked through. Luckily we figured that out within a few minutes of putting on the top coat!

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  6. It looks great! You were so much smarter than me! I sanded a dark dresser all the way down to its natural wood (took 3 days) Then stained it (2 coats) and made the mistake of buying a stain without a sealer in it, so I had to polyurethane it. I still haven’t gotten around to sanding it again to do a second (and probably third) coat of poly and thus it is still sitting by the backdoor. I’m definitely painting next time (or at least buying gel stain!)

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