I Love Lamp (More)

About a month ago I got into a stress-induced spray painting binge and turned this guy from this:

Into this:

The problem? The white base didn’t stand out against the white couch. The solution? More spray paint!

from: rustoleum.com

Specifically, I used Rust-Oleum’s Ultra Cover 2x in Eden. The result:

I love it. It stands out next to the couch, adds a pop of color, and basically rocks the socks off everyone who sees it. That’s actually why this picture is just of the arm of the couch instead of a full living room shot– there’s socks everywhere (along with other piles of half folded laundry). I want to keep the illusion up that the Little House is perpetually clean as long as I can, so shhh. Don’t tell anyone.

Better? I think so! Done any makeovers of makeovers recently? Am I the only one who leaves half folded laundry laying all over the living room?

PS. Happy Halloween!!!


14 thoughts on “I Love Lamp (More)

  1. Ours stays on our kitchen table since the laundry is in the kitchen… makes it difficult to eat sometimes haha! And I’m with you… my house is “always” clean… that’s what closets were invented for!!

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