The Coupon Kids: Week III

Good morning and welcome to your weekly Coupon Kids Challenge Update! I’m your host, Jessica Beals.  For all of you out there just tuning into our program, the Coupon Kids Challenge is a six month challenge between myself and my lovely assistant, Kevin, to save $1000 solely by utilizing coupons, sales, and club/discount cards. On our last episode, Kevin and I had saved $185.65, for a grand total of $814.35 left to save.

What was our big saver this week? Dining room chairs at Ikea! Kevin and I needed four more chairs to accommodate our family on Thanksgiving.  Initially, we wanted to buy four more of the INGOLF X-back chairs we already own, but after some searching on the Ikea website, we found that our Ikea in Dallas offers one day sales on Saturday. They’re advertised on the individual store pages and are incredible deals (most are 50% or more off the usual price).


This week, the NORVALD chair was on sale for $50 off the regular price. Yes, please! Kevin and I picked up two black chairs for the dining room and two white for our future office. Total without sale: $279.69. Total with sale: $79.96. That’s right. We saved $200 on our dining room chairs. Score one for the Beals team!

What else did we save on this week? We saved:

  • $1.67 on gas using our Sam’s Club card
  • $17.17 on groceries at Albertsons
  • $2.00 on groceries at Kroger using our Plus card
  • $30 on State Fair admission (on Wednesdays if you bring 3 cans for the Dallas Food Bank, admission is $2 instead of $16)
  • $200 on chairs at Ikea

For a grand total of: $250.84 saved!

What deals have you scored lately? Does your Ikea have weekly deals? Anyone else invite more people to their houses for Thanksgiving than their house can potentially hold?


17 thoughts on “The Coupon Kids: Week III

  1. That’s a great deal at Ikea! At our local store they have weekly sales (sometimes great, but always good), plus the deals next to the as-is section if you use your Ikea Family card, plus the as-is section itself of course!

  2. What an incredible deal on those chairs! I’m glad to see you’re saving money on things you already planned on getting already–and being creative, like the State Fair food drive. It drives me nuts when people “save” money by buying something just because it’s on sale, especially if they “saved” fifty cents on a brand-name by using a coupon when buying the store brand would be cheaper regardless. idk what got me on this little rant. Keep up the good work guys!

  3. Love this! You’re inspiring me to keep track of the things I’m buying/saving. I typically try to buy wisely but never keep track of it. I’m sure it would inspire me to do even more. And I never knew that about the Dallas Ikea…oh girl…this is awesome!

  4. oh I have one!!! My boss just gave me his old living room chairs which are custom made (he told me they were custom made like 5,000 times…I think he was really proud of that fact) and super comfortable for FREE. So I was able to turn around and sell my chairs which my mom gave me for $60! Woohoo! I’m going to use that $60 to get a new couch (hopefully one with a chaise lounge…like the IKEA erktorp…except probably off Craigslist since it is way cheaper).
    I love the chairs you got!! I actually used to own one of those as my desk chair in college. Nice work!!

  5. Way to go!! That’s pretty awesome savings! We didn’t invite more people for Thanksgiving… but we do have 6 people staying in our 840 square home this weekend haha!

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