My Fair Lady

Last Wednesday the hubs and I made our annual trek to the 2011 Texas State Fair. I love the fair– the people watching is amazing, the exhibits are great, and then there’s the food. The TSF is home to some of the greatest fair food ever. Some of the best junk food ever got its start at the TSF: Nachos, corn dogs, and deep fried Twinkies. Typically the hubs and I shy away from deep fried, fatty, processed foods. On this one day a year, though, we go nuts and eat everything we can get our hands on all in the shadow of Big Tex, the official mascot of the TSF.

We started out the night with the ultimate TSF classic: A Fletcher’s Corny Dog. Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of the Corny Dog. It was gone in a matter of about three bites, if that. While munching the Corny Dog, we spied the 2011 winner of the Best Taste competition:Buffalo Chicken in A Flapjack. Yes. You read that right. But wait. There’s more. The BCIAF consisted of a buffalo chicken tender wrapped in a pancake rolled in panko breading and jalapenos, stuck on a stick, deep fried, and served with maple syrup. It tasted just like it sounds… it was just too much.

Content to let the Corny Dog and Buffalo Chicken mellow for a while, we wandered over to the Midway. Excuse me. The Super Midway.

The real star of the Midway is the Ferris wheel, the Texas Star. The hubs and I both have an aversion for fair rides (anything that can be put up and taken down in less than an hour = not a good idea on our books), but because the Star is a permanent attraction, we ride it every year. I’m sort of obsessed with it.

My obsession with the Star fulfilled, we moved back to my other obsession: fried food. We had a fried twinkie,

a deep fried Frito Pie,

deep fried s’mores (we ate them too fast to take a picture),

and deep fried kraut balls. They sound weird, but lemme tell you– they were the best fried thing we ate at the fair. So good, in fact, that we completely forgot to take pictures of the signs or the kraut balls themselves.

Before catching the DART train home, we took a few minutes to walk through the car show where my 6’4″ hubs folded himself into a Fiat (at my requewst) and I reclined in a Ford Explorer. Kevin was too tall for the little Fiat (and was way too excited about it).

Have you been to your State Fair this year? What’s your favorite fried guilty pleasure?


6 thoughts on “My Fair Lady

  1. I really want to try a fried stick of butter! Disgusting to most people? Yes. An artery-clogging asking-for-a-heart-attack food? Yes. But it’s still on my bucket list.

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