Passing the Bar

For about four months now, our dining room has looked something like this:

Yeah, I know. It looks empty. We really needed something under my giant clock to take up some wall space. We’ve been souring Craigslist for a while now trying to find the perfect dresser/buffet to overhaul for the space but, alas, we’ve not found what we’re looking for.

In the interim, we decided to use a small desk we had hanging around the house. It’s the same finish as our Ikea table and chairs and needed a better home than collecting piles of junk in the spare room. We brought it in, added a tray we picked up at Homegoods for $8, my vintage rubberized glasses that I picked up here, and Kevin’s grandfather’s bar ware.

We definitely need a larger piece of furniture for the long run, but the change was free and helps to flesh out the dining room a little more and gives us a place to display some keepsakes.

This room (and the whole house for that matter) is still in need of mucho more love, but it’s starting to feel a lot less we-just-moved-in and a whole lot more put together. And becasue I’m cool like that, here’s a view of the other side of the dining room– also empty (except for the Ebay/Craigslist pile we plan on tackling this weekend).

Made any simple furniture changes lately? Have any unusual keepsakes on display (like Kevin’s grandfather’s bar ware and stirrers)? Any exciting plans for the weekend?


10 thoughts on “Passing the Bar

  1. I may be late on this, but what color is that on the walls? Looks just like Behr Paint and Primer in One’s “Burnished Metal” that we used in our bedroom! I love it!

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